Are you looking for ways to boost the popularity of your Twitter posts?

By analysing a selection of posts over the past year, we have managed to identify which type of content works best to increase engagement levels. Some of these subjects and techniques can be used effectively to enhance your brand awareness. 

Read on to discover which Twitter content has proven the most popular.


Social media fact – competitions work! YouTuber Mr Beast massively increased his Twitter audience by giving away $10,000. While on the face of it this is a substantial amount of money, he gained over 934,000 retweets and followers due to this competition, making it an ultra-savvy marketing investment.

Could a carefully planned competition get your business noticed?

Social Commentary

Twitter is well known as the main social media platform for conversation and debate around news, politics, and current affairs. It’s also a place where users vent their opinions regarding society in general.  

This tweet about health care provisions in America hit a nerve with hundreds of thousands of people. Interestingly, the simple ‘This is America’ retweet gained much more engagement than the original post.

If your organisation is a non-profit or ethically minded, getting involved in societal debates may raise your profile and your ability to help those less fortunate.


Using humour on Twitter is an easy way to get more responses. It’s a primal human instinct – we have a need to laugh and release the feel-good endorphins in our brains. 

Social media can have a lot of serious, thought-provoking content, so why not give your Twitter audience an opportunity to take a break and smile instead?

Evoking emotion is always likely to increase retweets.

Vital Information

Just as promoting happiness can increase post engagement, fear and anxiety often has the same effect. 

In this post example, Twitter users have rapidly shared vital information that may help to stop the spread of the corona virus. Negative emotional reactions and survival instincts help to ensure that this life-saving data is distributed widely.

Human Stories

Across all social media platforms, human stories tend to have some of the highest engagement levels. Again this is due to an emotional response, in this case compassion. Scientific research suggests we may be compelled to be compassionate

Whatever the exact reason, this man’s plea to help his business has certainly paid off with a massive 20,000 retweets!

Nature & Spirituality 

The power of nature and references to spirituality form the basis of some of the most popular Twitter posts you will see. Catastrophic events such as the Australian wildfires have many people praying for a positive resolution.  

When the rain finally came it was understandably welcomed by a huge amount of people. 


We found that posts that highlight personal or team achievement get a high number of responses. 

Most people instinctively like to share and congratulate others on the success they have gained.  Of course, in this example the little girl’s infectious, proud smile jumps off the page to grab the audience’s attention!

Highlighting employee achievements is one technique businesses can use to replicate this style of posting.

Unique Content

Publishing unique content is a surefire way to stand out. In this post, an element of surprise is created by displaying high-quality images of a very unusual bed (which distracts Twitter users from other mundane content).

Which posts could your team create to make your brand DIFFERENT?..


Simple strategies are often the most effective. Twitter is all about sharing opinions and inviting your audience to offer personal feedback is likely to gain more responses than a promotional post.

The success of this (misspelt) tweet lies in the unique replies and personal stories that were told, which were then retweeted widely. A fine example of user generated content!


Who doesn’t love a good before and after photo?

Towards the end of 2019, Twitter users were sharing their impressive transformations during the past decade. Some of these (like the one above) were inspirational and showed that dreams can indeed come true.

Could a transformation compilation of previous work help you to generate more business income?


In our analysis, we discovered that the majority of the most popular Twitter posts tended to have a human element that elicits some kind of emotion from the audience. This was way more important than other factors such as number of hashtags or emojis.

In fact, by looking at the examples above you will see that hashtags and emojis were rarely used!  

The key lesson? Always concentrate on your content and don’t be afraid to show your human side.