Facebook Platforms Merger

The Facebook family is constituted by Facebook itself, and standalone apps Instagram and WhatsApp. So far, there was no significant connection between the three of them. However, this should be soon significantly changed. According to a new report in The New York Times, the messaging functionalities on Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are about to be integrated late this year or early next.

Altogether, the apps have 3.8 billion monthly active users, which makes this integration a massive change, not only users but marketers mainly. Let’s think about options like cross-platform promotion, customer service, data-sharing benefits, chatbots, and so on. We are pretty curious about the result coming next months.

Twitter Is Chronological Again

It is back, and we are more than happy about it! As Facebook has its “Most recent” button, Twitter goes the same way, and since now everyone can chronologically see tweets as they were shared. To express how magic this button is, Twitter added it in a shape of sparkle. After clicking on that icon, you can decide whether you want to see the best tweets or the latest.

Facebook Aims at Youngsters

Young audition is future, Facebook knows that and also knows, that this segment isn’t its strongest. Some reports are saying that millions of teens are abandoning The Social Network entirely. That is the reason why its latest activity goes to build a dedicated section within the main app, which will be focused on trending GIFs and memes being shared on Facebook. According to TechCrunch, Facebook has spent months building LOL, this special feed of funny videos and GIFs, and it is supposed to be divided into categories like “For You”, “Animals”, “Fails”, “Pranks” and more. LOL is now being tested among 100 high school students. We’ll see in the following weeks and months if LOL will become a real thing.

TikTok Starts Advertising

The focus on the youngsters is pretty strong among social media platforms, and the most successful currently is a music video focused app TikTok. TikTok is growing fast, according to Sensor Tower’s data, the app has almost 800 million total installs, and the users are mounting up, especially after absorbing musical.ly in August last year. And as you can see, that kind of success means one thing – the start of ads within the app. The first ads showed up recently in the format of dominating full-screen ad. It is awaited that TikTok will try different types of advertising, and seems to become a real competition to others, especially when you consider its owner – Chinese company ByteDance, operating similar Chinese app called Douyin. According to some, this progress and union isn’t the best news for Snapchat as a leader among young users.

New Ways of Sharing Content on Instagram (and Facebook)

Last few weeks, Instagram made several exciting changes within its sharing options. First of all, newly you can post to multiple accounts at once within its composer. Instagram just rolled out this new feature, starting with iOS. For marketers, this is great news, making things way much easier when it comes, for example, to share sales, events, etc. within different segments, but also could lead to repeated content over the platform and worsen users experience.

Besides that, Facebook extended its cross-posting option between Facebook and Instagram. It makes no surprise, and we can expect more additional content and engagement opportunities across both platforms. And what are those cross-posting options in concrete? Newly, Page admins can share their Facebook update on Instagram or the other side share Instagram Stories on Facebook.

Facebook Enables to Create Dynamic Ads in Multiple Languages

Facebook Ads are designed to target the biggest yet the most appropriate audience to the particular field of business. For that reason, marketers use Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, which are intended to show the right products to people who have expressed interest on a website, app or somewhere on the web on the ground of user behavior. Newly Facebook is adding the option to upload additional language options for a business’s product catalog. What does it mean? Once the user sees the ad in his or her region (which speaks the language that was uploaded), the ad will then default to the relevant language option.

The Most Famous Egg Ever

Did you see The Egg? Of course, you did. Everybody did. A few weeks ago it appeared on Instagram as a world_record_egg with a post saying along with users; it will set a world record and become the most liked post on Instagram. Long story short, it worked, and The Egg defeated previous champion – Kylie Jenner. But that’s not all. The Egg started to crack. Why? It was explained during this year Super Bowl. The purpose of this campaign was pretty smart and kind – to point to the pressure of social media and its strength to make someone crack under its influence. Cool, right? 🥚💜

Facebook Was Buying Teen’s Data

Data privacy and safety is a large topic among social media and often causes a mistrust towards the online world. And honestly, there is no wonder why is this happening, and even within this kind of atmosphere, another issue was revealed. According to TechCrunch findings, Facebook has been paying users in the age 13 to 35 up to $20 a month to install an app called Facebook Research. That app enabled Facebook almost unlimited access to user data and phone activity. The app was out since 2016, and after revealing its purpose by TechCrunch, Facebook has removed it.

Share Links Right Away in Insta Stories

Back to Stories and Instagram, where users can newly share their temporary content via a direct link straight away on their feed. This is an answer for those who spend plenty of time and energy creating Stories and don’t want to lose them within 24 hours. The new feature provides a new way to boost Stories awareness and engagement mainly.

Obviously, Stories already rings a bell quite a lot. In a matter of fact according to the latest Q4 report announcement made by Facebook, Instagram Stories are the most Stories option to date – half a billion people are using it every single day. When you count it up, Facebook (owning Instagram and WhatsApp too) sees around 1.25 billion people using Stories across the whole family. BTW, it is precisely a billion more people than Snapchat, which is the original author of Stories format.

Facebook 2019 Predictions

And let’s finish the list of the newest news with predictions and promises to release new features made by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, introduced a couple of areas where Facebook will give its users new products this year. According to TechCrunch, those are the main:

  • Encryption and ephemerality will be added to more features for security and privacy
  • Messaging features will make Messenger and WhatsApp “the center of [your] social experiences”
  • WhatsApp payments will expand to more countries
  • Stories will gain new private sharing options
  • Groups will become an organizing function of Facebook on par with friends & family
  • Facebook Watch will grow mainstream this year as a video is moved there from the News Feed, Zuckerberg expects
  • Augmented and virtual reality will be improved, and Oculus Quest will ship this spring
  • Instagram commerce and shopping will get new features

The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to voiceless people.

Jon Ronson