All relevant European agencies, their Facebook posts, and our analytics 👉 together it makes one big Agency Report. See which agencies and posts were the most successful last month and generate most interactions.

Agency Report

On our website,, a few free tools are available to anyone interested, and one of them is called Agency Report. In the Agency Report, we collect the data from all significant European marketing agencies and every month evaluate their performance📈📉. That means the total number of their fans, number of new fans and number of interactions. See what all the data looked like in November⬇ before we’ll focus only on posts with the biggest amount of reactions. 

Top Facebook Content By Interactions

When it comes to interactions, the most successful agency of the month is with no doubt Italian You-n | Agenzia di comunicazione integrata & marketing non convenzionale. In the top ten posts we can also found some examples of well-done hr content and a Christmas video can’t be missed in any November list, can it? So, here are the winners!🏆✌

  1. You-n | Agenzia di comunicazione integrata & marketing non convenzionale

Copy: “It happens every day, and it does not love. 25 November, international day against violence on women.”

  1. You-n | Agenzia di comunicazione integrata & marketing non convenzionale

Copy: “Black Friday o Black FreudDay? When an obsession becomes a mission.”

  1. Hub09 – Brand People

Copy: “When you abandon your strength.”

  1. You-n | Agenzia di comunicazione integrata & marketing non convenzionale

Copy: “The Communication: A tale that excites like the sea. #comunicazione #mare #strategiadigitale”

  1. Marcel

On aurait pu mettre des affiches dans tout Paris, mais on s’est dit qu’il y avait mieux pour faire venir les touristes au Centre Pompidou. #SouvenirsDeParis

Gepostet von Marcel am Donnerstag, 15. November 2018

Copy: “We could have put posters in all of Paris, but we thought there was better to bring tourists to the Centre Pompidou. #Souvenirsdeparis”

  1. BETC

Bouygues Telecom Noël

Cette annĂ©e, NoĂ«l sera inoubliable avec Bouygues Telecom đŸŽ…đŸ»đŸŽđŸŽ„

Gepostet von BETC am Montag, 5. November 2018

Copy: “This year, Christmas will be unforgettable with Bouygues Telecom đŸŽ…đŸ»đŸŽđŸŽ„â€

  1. MSPS

Copy: “Msps seeks women & male employees – based in Athens – for full-time employment in retail stores on behalf of a large multinational company. Send CV to with ref. Code Iath10. more info:”

  1. You-n | Agenzia di comunicazione integrata & marketing non convenzionale

Copy: “Every day you can choose to be kind. World kindness day.”

  1. MSPS

Copy: “Msps seeks women & male employees for work in Athens (Full-time employment) to promote the iqos product of the company in retail stores. Send biographical to by on email theme “Iad18”. more info:”

  1. E-act creative digits

Copy: “It’s time for a little harder post.

Every fourth woman in Bulgaria is a victim of domestic violence. Only since the beginning of the year, there are 28 murdered women, victims of domestic violence, on media data. But for all of us, this remains oppressive statistics. We see another news, and we get sad, but then we pretend it’s just a single case, maybe a seizure of madness.

Let’s go again. 28 murdered women since the beginning of the year. Is there any problem in society? And whether we should change something all of us so we can’t see another news of the murder, and at least try to reduce these statistics so that we don’t have to hide behind the comfort that it’s just a single case that doesn’t have How does it happen to us or someone we know?

Meanwhile, new crisis centers are not found.

Meanwhile, there are so many jokes and tv sketches for men aggressive to their wives.

Meanwhile, the subject is constantly covering and shifting from others, supposedly more important to all our topics. And from fake news.

On the eve of November 25th, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, a doll appeared. Maria doll. She showed up to remind us how important it is to talk about the problem of domestic violence today, so we don’t end up in one tomorrow where we don’t want to be at all. Tomorrow, in which domestic violence has been transformed by a problem in something quite normal. And domestic violence dolls are sold as sausages are sold.

Creating this campaign was hard. Not because of the labor of the whole team and all the obstacles we had to pass. They’re all the same. It was hard because every time we went to Maria, we understood that it wasn’t that far tomorrow if we didn’t take the first step towards solving the problem today. Let’s realize he has it and talk about it. It’s not enough. But it’s a start.

We thank Derma-Act for believing in the idea and to everyone who helped us to realize it.”

November 2018

As you can see, Pages with the biggest number of fans not always have the best interaction with them and the last post of our top 10 is way behind the rule “the shorter copy, the better”. Let us know, what was your favorite Facebook post last month. We will be more than happy to see it and share with others as well đŸ˜đŸ€©