Stories and Brands

As we already mentioned in this article with tips to rock your stories, 500 million users are watching stories. Moreover, one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories gets a direct message from its viewers. And what is more than being contacted by the potential customer, right?

How To Post In Stories

Instagram stories is a format of shared content, which is visible only for 24 hours and then disappears (unless you don’t save it – in this case, it stays visible on your profile). Instagram adopted stories from Snapchat and now dominates it.

To share a story is nothing complicated; click on your logo or the camera icon in the right upper corner. While creating it in the Instagram interface, you can add plenty of filters, features and so on to make it more entertaining.

When it comes to preparing stories as a part of your business communication, you shouldn’t underestimate it at all! As you plan your regular post, invest the same time and energy into stories. Newly you can share your prepared pieces right away from ZoomSphere Publisher to stories via the mobile app. Check this video on how to do it. It is super-easy!👇👇

Instagram is a very simple platform for sharing content and get in touch with others. The originality, authenticity, and entertainment lead the trends, and well-handled stories are a great way to build strong love brand!

I am glad you ask how…

10 Instagram Stories Types Made By Brands

Behind The Scenes

One of the most successful formats is one showing the audience what is happening behind the scenes. This kind of exclusive content is always attractive and works with different types of situations. How does it look like in your office? What is hidden behind your products our how are they made? Everything is excellent content to show in stories.

The inspiration here for you may be for example UCLA Athletics account which is taking their followers behind the scenes at practices and games. Or Nordstrom Rack, fashion brand, showing behind-the-scenes on their holiday shoot.

Tutorials And How To

The format of Instagram Stories makes perfect tutorials or “how to”, so you can simply show your followers step by step educational content. This is a cool alternative to traditional video or blog post (or a promo to them!), and it satisfies users need to find on Instagram some inspiration or education.

An excellent example of tutorials might be anything about food and drinks – recipes, tips, and tricks. Check the Bon Appetit Magazine account below, or for instance, Samsung went great via showing tips to make the best photos using Galaxy devices.

Show Your Products In Practise

People are overfull with perfect shots of clothing or professional made mascara, retouched in post-production and so far away from the reality. Instagram is a tool destroying those barriers and giving users the chance to see the product in real life. And your brand should support it!

Especially for retail brands, this is one of the most effective techniques. An inspiration here could be Beyond Yoga, a company selling yoga clothing. One of their story-telling on Instagram is showing women through their real training in the gear. Can you think of a better demonstration of your product? Well, maybe combine it with the next tip and perfection is done!

User-Generated Content

As mentioned above, showing your products in real life situation is an excellent way to go, plus combined with the work of users or customers makes it perfection. Yes, I am talking about user-generated content. This works great for you as well for your followers – they will be happy to share their pieces with a broader audience.

Take a great example from Google Maps. In their stories, they share user-submitted shots of stunning locations tagged with #OnGoogleMaps. And that’s not all; once you see it, you can swipe up to save the locations to your own Google Maps account as an inspiration for next journeys.

Announcements And News

Stories are the perfect platform for sharing quick news immediately, announcements or temporary offers. Take a look at E! News profile – they know exactly what their followers are looking for, entertainment news delivered quickly and easy to consume. After seeing them, you have an idea of what is going on in the world, and for more, they lead you to their site. Easy, right?

A different point of view took might be, for example, another fashion brand J.Crew’s. The brand shows their new items in stories, obviously, but also start a presale here or announce special offer, giving their followers a unique opportunity to buy ahead. By that, they succeeded in building some urgency and rarity around the products.

Motivation Content

Mainly B2C brands benefit from this one, but not only. Your business doesn’t have to promote just its products (probably even shouldn’t do so!), but also promote the whole lifestyle, feeling or buzz around the field. Here is what I mean – think of sports brand showing its audience pictures of training, videos with tips, experience, sports food and drinks and so on. For example, Spartan Race did a great job here, build an active community of people sharing the same, truly spartan lifestyle, and motivate each other to prepare for the next race.

Another example is slightly different, yet cool. National Geographic magazine has a great feed, no surprise with their pictures in quality ready for the print. Besides that, NG supports the current trend fighting against plastic usage. In a very clever way, they motivate users to participate in ecology as well.

Q&A’s And Polls

Instagram offers plenty of features to use when preparing stories, question stickers and polls became shortly after releasing highly popular! And adding them into your business stories is an excellent way to encourage followers to interaction. Alfred Coffee gave their stories in charge of their founder, who let users ask him any question they want. Great idea!

Airb’n’b may inspire you to use polls in Instagram stories, their “game” when they ask people about the location on the picture they share with them is one of the most favorite.


As was mentioned above, the founder of Alfred Coffee ruled their Instagram stories for one day. And that’s another great tactic to try next time. Ask your colleagues, employees, influencers or famous persons in the field to take over your Instagram. Check Nike for example as they give space to different athletes to show their followers what a athlete’s days look like.

Live Stream

Going Live is advantageous for brands for a couple of reason. Firstly, live video is more appealing to the audience – 80 % would rather watch live videos from a brand than read a blog, and 82 % prefer live video from a brand to social posts. Secondly, it attracts new followers as well. Especially when you join forces with influencer or celebrity, a good idea might be streaming of a significant event.

That’s also a case when it comes for example on fashion shows or sporting events. On account of F1 you can see streams from the races or shots took by the racers themselves.

“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”

Jay Baer, Convince & Convert