By the end of the year, social media do their best to show off recent news and updates. In November there were plenty of them, we went through all of it and chose the 11 most significant (which was not easy at all by the way!). Your monthly review of the social media world is here👇👇

WhatsApp is introducing its Ads

The rumors about monetization WhatsApp have been there for a while, and it is already happening. No wonder, when Facebook-owned popular app already has more than 1.5 billion active users. The first step led to Status Ads as WhatsApp’s Vice President Chris Daniels explained: “We’re going to be putting ads in Status. That’s going to be a primary monetization model for the company, as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.” The question is when. And unfortunately, the answer wasn’t said yet, it is supposed to happen in 2019.

WhatsApp Status is similar to Stories on Instagram or Facebook, the feature allows users to share text, photos, videos, and animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram allows IGTV Previews in Stories

Do you watch Instagram TV (IGTV)? No? Well, the new feature launched back in June has been slow to gain traction. To attract more attention – on both sides audience and producers – Instagram will soon allow users to share a statistic image from any IGTV video in their Stories. This kind of preview will automatically launch the full video on IGTV after clicking on it in the Story.

Facebook Dating App already in 3 countries

You certainly had to hear about this, Facebook is working on its own dating app.❤️And yes, it is finally out to be tried by its first users. A few weeks ago, the very first country for the new feature Dating was Colombia, recently followed by Canada and Thailand.

Facebook Dating works with deep users data from their profiles, and even though it seems to be similar to Tinder, those two apps differ in some points. When the product was firstly announced back in the spring, it was stressed that Dating is designed to foster meaningful relationship rather than hookups. The suggested matches are based on everything Facebook knows about you (and it has much information compared to other apps).

It doesn’t require to install a new app into your phone. However, Facebook Dating messages will live in their own inbox separate from Facebook Messenger. None of your friends will see that you’re using it as well as can’t match anyone you’re already friends with.

Promotion for Instagram Stories

Another ad type was announced for Instagram advertisers and since this fall you can start promoting your Stories. The new feature works similarly to Facebook Boost option. In other words, it enables marketers to show their feed posts to more users. You can choose between auto-target users similar to your followers, people in a certain location, or use all of Instagram’s targeting parameters to ad your Story into the Stories queue or link to the business’ Instagram profile or website.

Improved LinkedIn Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager from the most significant business and employment-oriented website got a new facelift. After updating the reporting interface in July, LinkedIn improved the campaign creation. Since now, the new set up process starts from a campaign objective perspective (instead of choosing an ad format firstly).

“We have ‘flipped’ the entire experience — instead of beginning your campaign creation process with a series of products to choose from (Sponsored Content, Text Ads, etc.), advertisers are now asked to define their goals and objectives for their campaign (website visits, engagement, conversions), and our UI guides the user to build out their campaigns from there,” says a LinkedIn spokesperson for MarketingLand.

New AI Features in Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s Marketplace just celebrated 2 years of its life and maybe as a B-day gift it gets new AI (artificial intelligence) technology features .🎁 Facebook earlier clarified that Marketplace platform is powered by AI entirely to make the whole shopping experience better.

Newly Marketplace helps you with price range suggestions and auto-categorization. “What does this mean exactly? Here’s an example: if you wanted to sell your home office chair, Marketplace could use AI to help you sell it even faster by suggesting you price it between $50-75 based on what similar chairs recently sold for. It will also automatically categorize the chair as “furniture” based on the photo and description so that you don’t have to,” says Facebook Newsroom.

Besides new AI features, Facebook added a variety of content from businesses including cars, home rentals, home services or shopping and deals from e-commerce merchants.

Christmas Shopping on Instagram

In a couple of last months, Instagram kind of turned into a shopping or e-commerce king. And with the (shopping) Holidays coming, it is no surprise that Instagram has announced three new shopping tools. First one is called Shopping Collections which lets you save your must-have items into a separate Shopping Collection.


The next one is a new ‘Shop’ tab on business profiles. Here you are able to browse all items featured in shopping-tag enabled posts. So all the products are visible in one place without searching in the whole feed.


Lastly, it is Shopping (alike) Tags in videos. Again, you can see easily all the products shown on video after tapping on the shopping icon in the bottom left corner. The idea is the same as Shopping Tags with the difference that you can’t actually tag a moving object.


Unsend Messages on Facebook

We all were at least once in the moment when you would exchange the whole world for unsending the one super-embarrassing message! Well, Facebook is finally launching this magical feature!✨Until now, the only option was to delete the message from the conversation thread, which means that only you can’t see it anymore. The “Unsend” option enables you to take the message back entirely within 10 minutes after sending. Facebook is rolling the feature firstly to Messenger users in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia, and Lithuania. According to TechCrunch sources, its global expansion should be as quick as possible.🙏

Learn with Facebook

In June this year, Facebook announced its commitment to train a million US business owners in digital literacy by 2020. Which brings us to its new training tool (besides Blueprints courses and Community Boost program). Learn with Facebook is a website with: “…a range of quick, free online courses in digital marketing and career-focused skills, for everyone from job seekers to professionals.”

Each course is around 8 minutes long, giving quick tips and notes to help improve digital and content marketing knowledge.

Instagram is testing new profiles formats

In November Instagram announced its current testing of a few variations of profile formats. To use Instagram’s words: “Over the next several weeks, you may see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs, which we hope will make profiles easier and cleaner to use. The photos and videos you’ve shared on your grid won’t change.”

Above, you can see a couple of changes for both regular and business profiles. Firstly it’s a different arrangement of profile picture and information, in case of business profile some new options and CTA was added. New is also information about mutual follows, which could provide the user with more context about the profile and its connection to his or her own network. We’ll see in time, which of this new features will actually catch on.

Watch Party Started on Facebook

What is better than watch video? Watch video in a group of people! At least according to Facebook, that launched its new feature enabling people to watch videos together online within a ‘Watch Party’. This new feature is a communal video viewing option, which is available to all people and Pages. Users or admins can schedule a time to view a video together with others, watch it and comment within the group. Besides that Facebook is also testing a feature called ‘Live Commentating’ that would allow a host to live-stream themselves within a Watch Party video and share commentary during the video is played.