It’s an issue that clients have huge influence on – by publishing their opinions online they control the company’s reputation in every industry – hospitality, tourism or even healthcare.

What makes an opinion influential?

According to Social Recommendations Index 2015, the power of opinion is fuelled by human factor standing behind them – 80% of respondents thinks that personal story is a key factor in creating opinion. This number decreased to 57% in case of ordinary rating stars where users don’t necessarily bring any context to plain digits. That’s why, the spontaneous opinions of clients shared via social media, forums or blogs, can be the most convincing for other people. Following the statistics, there’s nothing better than happy clients telling their stories, because nearly 70% of people rely on opinion of others before purchasing anything. It’s easy to find them because people are happy to share their experiences. Storytelling have a various motivations:

Use monitoring

People share their opinions in a different places throughout the Internet. According to report mentioned above, usually share the information about purchasing anything on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The most often these informations are quite emotional according to the type of purchase. Wherever clients can find opinions about your company, you should be the first to know where to find them and who are they who share them.
Extremely helpful in this case can be an Internet Monitoring, helping you to identify the people using your services/products and supporting you, even if you’re not precisely tagged in the post. If you’ll find such content, you can simply respond ‘thank you’ for their brand loyalty. But hold on… Is that everything you can do for this case?!

Tips for using positive opinions:

A great idea can be to publish found opinions and comments of clients exactly as they were written – by their own words – in a different communication channels. It will testify your business, plus, it’s a reward for all people leaving positive opinions.

1. Publish opinion of your clients on your website

Your website is important anchor point on the way to gain the client. That’s why if you collected some positive opinions about your brand/service, you can add them onto your site to show potential clients, how you’re able to deal with their problems. Make sure to ask post author for permission before publishing

2. Make yourself proud of positive opinions in a social media

For sure every pleasant words about your business are flattering you so you’d love to simply share them with whole world, especially with your friends and followers. That’s what we have a social media for. Boasting your successes via social media from time to time will show your audience that you business is alive and getting well all the time, not just by occasion. We love to show our pride and share successful stories.


But from the other hand…

Don’t forget that opinions are always double-edged sword. They can be helpful or harmful, mainly because of fact that not all of them needs to be positive. That makes monitoring super-important – wherever you’ll find negative mentions about your business, try to answer them immediately. Why? Because even negative comment, answered by you where you’ll apologize or bring solution for problem, is a chance to turn it into positive impression. Not only for a person who started thread, but also for every other potential clients who will see your pro-active attitude towards them.