Excellent customer care not only increases brand loyalty but it also enhances revenues –  customers are willing to pay a price premium of up to 13% just for receiving great service! 

It therefore makes sense to invest in your digital marketing customer support systems, as those companies who don’t risk being left behind by their competitors.

We analysed the Twitter support pages of leading brands. Read on to discover the excellent examples of digital customer care that we found.

Knowledgeable Support Staff

How many times on social media do you see brands simply direct their customer enquiries to a support web page? This is lazy service and risks alienating the customer and losing their business. 

Apple do things differently! In the example above it’s obvious that Apple support staff have an excellent knowledge of the software and products that they sell – they give clear, informed advice that assists the customer in getting to the root of the problems they are facing.

This is not just a one off conversation –  time and again Apple respond promptly with informative answers.

Multilingual Capabilities

Another company offering fantastic customer service is Uber. Their Twitter support page responds to customer enquiries in a variety of languages. They obviously take customer care very seriously and invest in multilingual support staff to provide excellent service.

Using the Uber support page to respond to customer enquiries from all their brand pages is a clever move – it keeps customer support requests in a single place and allows their other pages @UberEats, @Uber_MEX, and @Uber_Ecuador to focus on promoting their services and staying on brand.

Beating The Competition 

Investing in your support channels can mean you beat the competition in solving a request and as a result you might gain more business. In this example, the customer tagged four British supermarkets into his enquiry yet only Tesco responded and gave an informative answer.

While the answer may not have been exactly what the man wanted to hear, it is likely he appreciated getting a response from Tesco, while the other supermarkets just ignored him.

In future the man is likely to go straight to Tesco support and further the process of brand loyalty.

Fast Responses

It took Dropbox Support just 3 minutes to respond to a customer tagging their main page in a post on Twitter. This demonstrates the power of using customer care software to direct all tweets and messages to a single management dashboard.

Not only did Dropbox respond in a speedy manner, but they also showed that they appreciated the customer’s feedback and that they would use it in a positive way, send it to the appropriate department, and improve their service.

The strategy of recognise and resolve in action!

Follow Up Support

Many online businesses still give basic, confused, or unhelpful answers to customer enquiries. It’s almost as if customer care is a chore…

The Google Nest Support team do the exact opposite.

Their Twitter page consistently provides detailed responses to customer questions, and if they haven’t heard that a problem has been resolved they routinely check back in with the customer to see if they still need assistance.  

This approach builds trust and shows the customer that they actually care and value their business, increasing the probability of retaining the client.


Here are the key take-outs from these excellent examples of online customer care:

  • Ensure all support staff are well trained and knowledgeable about your products and services.
  • Give detailed step-by-step responses that truly assist the customer.
  • Refrain from simply directing customers to the help section of your website unless it really is the best option.
  • If you operate in more than one country, consider employing a multilingual support team.
  • Aim for fast responses to customer enquiries – within minutes if possible.
  • Use a comprehensive customer care tool to be alerted to all of your customer messages and tweets.
  • Check back in with customers to see if their issues still need resolving.

Excelling at customer care is a long-term commitment, yet for those companies that do the rewards are worth it; sales, customer loyalty, and brand image all improve as a consequence.

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