Campaign – Marketer’s Mantra

🤓 According to Business Dictionary, the marketing campaign is:

“For many companies, marketing campaigns are the main method for both communicating with their market to reinforce their positioning, and for customer acquisition.”

To put in simple words, marketing campaign aims to increase awareness for a particular product or service, or to increase consumer awareness of a business or organization. And it’s a job of the marketer to make things as visible as possible.

What Was The Best Campaign You Ever Worked On?

This is the very first question we asked our five marketers, who are active in this field of business. Let’s meet the five brave and listen to their experience!👇

Puspok Tamás – Brightly (Hungary)

Without to name a specific post or campaign I really like to work on posts with true meaning and real content. Let’s be honest: most of branded social media posts today are just placeholders with generic topics. But sometimes – or, if you do your job well, more often – you get the chance to make a difference with that one post / picture / video. And if you are superlucky it will live more than one day and make an impact on your social community. So I think these kind of posts / campaigns are always real achievements.

I also like to try out new social media features for the first time.

Kristína Biela – Marketinger (Slovakia)

If there should be one post, I should call my favorite, it has to be the one we used to kick off our agency rebranding. It was in autumn 2018 and you could see it below.

Before that, we prepared quite successful teasing, which was based on a serie of posts telling you who we are. What was really great, was to see people supporting us and seeing us as a agency with its own opinion. Despite the fact that great part of our posts were inspirational campaigns of other brands or agencies.

Zuzana Kocurková – KINDRED (Czech republic)

My favorite type of campaigns are those for brand awareness. Why? Because of the variability of visuals you can use there, along with various “worldplays” you can come up.

One of my most favorite campaign is for company with cleaning supplies. We used “saving” of a kidnapped mascot in different phases of the communication. Those who actively participated, were step by step saving the mascot (as they solved the tasks and absorbed information about new product we wanted them to receive). I really enjoy campaigns when people can be playful on Facebook, and at the same time they enjoy it too. 

Hermione Way – ZoomSphere (United Kingdom)

When I worked as Tinder’s Head Of European Communications I worked on a partnership with the NHS to promote organ donation. It was the most successful campaign for millennial to register to donate. In a 24 hour period we had over 20,000 signups.

Diana Zadáková – (Czech Republic)

To be honest, I cannot choose the one. I find interesting, that every campaign is different and appeals for different needs and target groups. Therefore, it is not possible to choose one client which I would prefer the most. I really appreciate all of them so I really do enjoy working on their projects and I take each project responsibly when they trust me and our agency with managing their profiles.

Any post I do on social media, any song, anything in general – I just try to promote positivity, because I felt like there’s not enough positivity going around in the world.

Lil Yachty