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5 Marketers Are Answering: What Was Your Biggest Social Media Fail?

Social media marketers are still only humans and to make mistakes happen from time to time. Sometimes it’s a funny slip; sometimes a huge fail making its author feel a need to move to the different continent. Before we jump to our social media marketers and their online fails, let’s see the most common mistakes you should avoid.

After hundreds and hundreds of posts, one tends to be slightly less cautious when it comes to double-check the content. Typically this leads to sharing a post with instructions or copy idea, which doesn’t support the idea of authenticity, especially in case of influencers 👇

The Internet is a creative environment, and we love it for that! But you also have to keep in mind, that this creativity may twist your campaign in a totally different direction than you intended.

Finally, we have to also again (and again and again) remind you to not forget about your target audience. Knowing your customer, the field of your business and having a data-based marketing strategy is essential. And stick to it too! Just have a look at Audi attempt to diversify its communication with real-life stories instead of cars. As you can see in the comments, fans did not agree on that level.

Besides other (mostly technical) mistakes you have to be careful, here some other tips to avoid awkward situations:

  • Look at your motto, slogan or copy from a different point of views.
  • Avoid stereotype marketing, sexism, and racism.
  • Stay up to date about global conflicts and topics that resonate between people.
  • Stay in contact with your audience and react back to them.

What was your biggest social media fail?

Puspok Tamás – Brightly (Hungary)

I don’t want to go into details, but a Facebook Ad campaign with a tiny checkmark in a wrong box can be surprisingly expensive… Double check. Always. Everything.

Hermione Way – ZoomSphere (United Kingdom)

Embarrassingly once or twice I have shared fake news! I had thought the article was real and shared it before researching the facts; what did I do? I quickly deleted it!

Diana Zadáková – eVisions.cz (Czech Republic)

I must have been the lucky one because I cannot remember any mistake. Once I copied translated caption into Hungarian for FB post with the word: „Translation“. Luckily, I found it out in the first minute when the post appeared on the timeline, and I corrected it immediately.

Zuzana Kocurková – KINDRED (Czech republic)

Me, as a social media analyst, I don’t have much space for doing real fails. The worst happened to me too, is when we wrongly set up the publication of our post in the ZoomSphere publisher. In that case, the unfinished post is published. But that’s a big problem enough! 😉

Kristína Biela – Marketinger (Slovakia) 

Within our Marketinger fan page, I can’t remember of any particular fail, but of course, during all those years in social media marketing, we had a few smaller fails. The worst for me was when we unintentionally crossed the budget. This one was especially important to learn from a lot!

Facebook often presets a sum for promoting a post and just a little inattention is enough to cause spending 250 euro instead of planned 25 euro. That’s why I highly recommend to everyone to check all the ads several times a day. And not only for checking the spent amount of money, but also for constant improvement of targeting and reach of the promoted post.

Share both common and rare fails within the industry is a great opportunity to learn and don’t repeat the same mistake. Here is the last piece of advice Kristína Biela shared with us and is more than worthy of remembering!

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“Last of all, I have a small tip from the book called Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. He says – sleep for eight hours every night no matter what! When we manage social media profiles and don’t sleep enough, there is a higher risk of making the worst fails. But that’s not all, you can also worse react to negative comments, and mainly, you gain the weight! 😅