Videos are important on Facebook, more than ever. Not only algorithms favor them, but viewers love them too. So what are the most popular Facebook video publishers that enjoyed the maximum views? Continue reading.

Social Media Loves Video

Let’s admit, we all find watching 30-second ‘cute puppies of all times’ and ‘life hacks’ videos far more engaging and relaxing than reading an article or consuming content in any other mode, for that matter.

This pretty much explains why the average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is 6.01% which is pretty high when compared to status posts (2.21%), link posts (3.36%), and photo posts (4.81%). Similar studies also suggest that people gaze 5 times longer at videos than at static posts.

Truth be told, not all videos get to enjoy the same number of viewers. While some videos receive Facebook-wide viewership, others get lost in the news feed.

Why this favor-ism? Let’s explore the qualities of 5 most-watched Facebook video publishers and what we can learn from them.

1.   LADbible

best facebook videos

With 39M followers (at the time of writing this article), LADbible is home to entertaining and viral videos since 2012. According to Statista, LADbible videos are most watched and recorded around 1600 million views in 2019.

What makes this publisher so interesting and engaging? The answer lies in their content. Each of their videos is engaging, fresh, and high on content.

Whether it is ‘the window cleaning world cup’ coverage or ‘converting an old helicopter into a cinema’ – each of their videos serves a fresh take.

Titles are equally tempting too. Won’t you like to know how a woman reacts when she hears her family for the first time, or how a Chinese barber styles hair with hot tongs? Well, these are a few of the video stories covered by LADbible and we must say, they are appealing AF.

Key takeaway: Reinvent the wheel. Push the boundaries. Don’t serve the obvious content to your viewers. Provide them with content that sparks curiosity, and further complement the videos with equally interesting titles.


best facebook videos

Owned by LADbible Group, UNILAD is a British Internet media company and website that provides social news and entertainment to its more than 44 million followers.

The publication serves the daily dose of bold stories and news from all spheres of life and is well-received by people. It is estimated that UNILAD garnered 1,500 million views in 2019.

It is worth noting here that both first and second places are occupied by the LADbible group – they surely know how to attract video and get views. When compared to LADbible, UNILAD covers more diverse topics – from personal journeys to acts of humanity, from relationships to human achievements and more.

Key takeaway: Owned and managed by LADbible, the content strategy of UNILAD resembles its parent company. They either focus on inspiring stories or cover topics that tempt the viewer to click on the video.

The bottom line here is to create engaging titles, have well-written subtitles, and avoid beating the bush around – come straight to the point.

3.   5-Minute Crafts

best facebook videos

The third position in our list of most-watched video publishers, as revealed by Statista, is claimed by 5-Minute Crafts.

We all are a great fan of this page, not to forget, a lot of us actually tend to binge-watch 5-Minute videos on loop.

The reasoning is simple. Followed by more than 60 million people, this page has something for everyone. As the name indicates, the page focuses on DIY crafts that are fun and useful, both at the same time.

Whether you are interested in crafts or not, the wonderful illustration and depiction of tutorials keep everyone hooked till the end, and further inspires to try these amazing hacks.

Key takeaway: 5-Minute Crafts is a perfect example of how you can make boring content interesting. The golden rule of thumb to keep the users engaged is to have a wonderful storyline and serve them with easy-to-digest content.

Okay, so while we were writing the qualities of 5-Minute Crafts, we had already 5 of its videos on its loop. Well, that’s the addiction level of this page!

4.   Tasty

best facebook videos

A part of Buzzfeed, Tasty is liked by 97 million people which is whooping. With so many likes, it is likely that the publisher reaches to the news feed of a large number of people. Statista says that Tasty enjoyed 961 million views.

The publisher publishes videos related to foods and recipes. If you love cooking, and even if you do not, this page can definitely keep you hooked with its mouthwatering videos.

From 5 easy mason jar salads to churro ice cream bowls, everything is damn delicious on this page.

Key takeaway: Tasty keeps its videos to the point, and highly informative. No, ifs and buts and long discussions. Just a neat and clear presentation of food.

5.   VT

best facebook videos

With 27 million followers, VT aims to provide viral content and provides a daily dose of entertainment to social generation. The publisher enjoyed 901 video views in 2019, all due to the next level of entertainment that they provide. From VT Quizzes to VT Reacts, and more, they know how to strike the right chord with viewers.

Key takeaway: Serve originals. Focus on the ideal length of videos. Most VT videos span within 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and this is the sweet spot that they have hit.

Analyze what works for you and time your videos accordingly.

The Next Steps

As we saw, the most-viewed video publishers on Facebook don’t do different things, instead, they do things differently. The right timing, the subtle use of captions, the original content, and clear presentation – these are some of the takeaways you must keep a note of.

So what are your views on this? What things do you keep in mind to make your videos viral? Let us know in the comments below.

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