Apparently everything looks okay, but what does precisely mean ‘key-’ prefix? What does it mean, especially from your brand point of view? What words connected with your brand are really relevant and important?

Did you thought about its name? Great, we’re on the right path. But brand name is not everything. Besides, there are existing many other keywords important enough to be mentioned in a monitoring report to create a full overview of your brand and its online environment.

Obviously, we can’t give you the universal solution which keywords should you search for within your projects. Every brand have its own unique set of phrases chosen upon analyse of their activity, target group and competitors. However, there are existing some universal categories which every industry should follow. Have a look what possibilities you have.

What to monitor to find really valuable discussions?


Brand, company or product

As we defined, the key issue is name of company/brand/product. It’s super important because Internet monitoring is something more than just tracking labelled @mentions resulting with notifications on profiles, or ordinary comments. Discussions are often taking place, where you wasn’t tagged. Here comes the right analytical tools, helping you to:

  • find out who, where and what says about you to increase user engagement accordingly, build a strong relationships, increase client’s satisfaction and loyalty
  • discover opinions about your company/brand/product and use them to strengthen your service and customer care.
  • check and measure your real popularity in the Internet showing the number of mentions and range they generated in a social media.
  • identify the brand fondness and rapidly react for negative entries before they turn in a serious problem, or thank for positive reaction.
  • detect the locations important for the image of your brand.


Typing-in your brand name as a keyword don’t forget to take into account its different versions and variants, especially in case of declination in your local language. Furthermore, if your brand name is not universal, add the words that can go along with or exclude the phrases that can’t appear along.

Don’t forget that monitoring is a process of lifelong learning and continual improvement on keywords. That’s why you should follow how the people speaks about you. Maybe some of them use a shortcut when writing about your brand, or misspelled with typo? Consider this in your monitoring to find out as many mentions as possible

Potential clients

Daily, thousands of people are searching online for advices and recommendations before they will decide to purchase any product or service. Do you know what’s going on with them later? Most of them remain unanswered. Meanwhile, it’s a huge opportunity for companies to increase their brand awareness and find new clients.


Identify the people in the Internet who speaks about their problems and needs, especially these whom your product can help and join the discussion. That’s how you can reach the potential clients in a right moment, precisely when they’re ready for purchase. If you provide your services locally, you can refine your results by simply adding name of your city or town.



Monitoring is a brilliant way to find out how looks the reception of your competitors marketing efforts. You will learn more about their pros and cons and at the same time, it will encourage you to revise your strategies.

  • Find out the places where appeared discussion about your competitors and what is it about.
  • Measure, when increase the number of mentions about your adversaries.
  • Discover if the opinions about them are positive or not.
  • Identify their clients and their reactions.
  • Compare your project with your adversaries to find out the eventual meeting points


All of these actions will let you learn on mistakes of your competitors and choose the best online activities strategy. How to monitor your counterparts? Since you found them out, just create a module including all of their communication channels.

Selected topics

Monitoring can let you follow also the popular trends and public sentiments – all the topics that are widely spoken at the moment. When you notice that some topics are becoming popular, you can use it to develop your brand awareness, e.g. creating creative advertisement which refers to widely discussed topic. Fast marketing reaction for latest events is a part of trend for Real Time Marketing, which after all can draw attention to your brand.


This type of marketing does not require high costs. However, the awareness of what currently is widely spoken topic is even more crucial than great ideas, spontaneity and sense of humour. That’s why, whenever you came up with any issue you think is getting popular, you can quickly verify your hypothesis by creating a module tracking this phrase.


Of course, primarily you can and you should monitor how does your campaigns are doing. Learn more about:

  • how many people took actively part in your campaign
  • how large was campaign reach
  • how dynamic it was throughout the time.
  • what was the real impact of influencers on the campaign
  • identifying where in the Internet campaign have had the best reception
  • the most influential and active profiles throughout the social media.



Time for your step

With ZoomSphere you can monitor every area mentioned in the article above. Upon you is to decide what data are the most valuable for your business. Register here, optimize your tracking modules (we’re more than happy to help you) to develop your business and take advantage over your competitors. Do you need anything more to be convinced? Check out our latest functionality of automated periodic report sender to never miss any important issues related with your projects.