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The rise of social media was seismic, and influencer marketing looks to be on the same trajectory. People crave authenticity, which influencers provide in abundance. The result is an increased desire from consumers to access information from people — rather than brands — directly. 

The impact of influencer marketing hasn’t gone unnoticed by brands, who have tapped into influencers to promote their marketing messages. By 2022 influencer marketing is likely to be worth an impressive $15bn, making it one of the most profitable sectors in the marketing industry. 

The speed at which it has grown is even more impressive than social media’s rise. That’s why we’re looking at 50 influencer marketing facts that detail just how far the medium has come in the last few years.

50 influencer marketing statistics

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1) 70% of teens trust information from influencers (especially on YouTube) over celebrities. Source: Obviously

2) 51% of marketers believe that influencer marketing helps with quality customer acquisition. Source: Smart Insights

3) The majority of influencer marketing campaigns earn $6.50 for every dollar spent. Source: Tomson

4) Instagram has proven to be the most popular channel to utilize influencer marketing. Source: Media Ki

5) 86% of women turn to social media for purchasing advice, paying extra attention to social media influencersSource: Influencer Central

6) Successful YouTuber influencers earn millions from their videos. Source: Wondershare

7) 67% of marketing professionals engage with influencers for content promotion. Source: Thomson

8) Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method. Source: Convince and Convert

9) Many offline stores partner with influential bloggers to increase their reach. Source: Big Commerce

10) However, not all influencer marketing comes easily. 61% of marketers believe that finding relevant influencers for a campaign is tricky. Source: Media Kix 

11) Micro-influencers have higher engagement rates than celebrities. Source: Digiday

12) Micro-influencers also have 22.2x more weekly buying conversations than the average consumer. Source: Keller Fay Group

13) 57% of Fashion and Beauty Companies Engage in Influencer Marketing. Source: Ion

14) Influencer marketing is now considered more important than print marketing. Source: Awin

15) 40% of Customers Use Ad-Blocking Technology, increasing the need for influencer marketing thanks to its ability to bypass ad blockers. Source: Marketing Land

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16) Almost 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase based on a Tweet from an influencer. Source: Twitter

17) 69.4% of influencers chose to be influencers so they could earn revenue. Source: Tapinfluence and Altimeter

18) Influencers like to be treated the same way as publishers, with 54& saying they will work with brands who respect them as they would any other publisher. Source: Crowdtrap

19) 19) On average, marketers spend anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 on influencer marketing campaigns Source: Crobox

20) 51% of brands see a better return from influencer content than they do branded content. Source: Linqia

21) 75% of brands believe that verified web traffic is the most important aspect when looking for an influencer. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

22) 71% of marketers also think that influencer marketing relationships are good for business. Source: Tech4Growth

23) There are five types of influencers: Celebrity (Mega) Influencers, Macro Influencers, Mid-Tier Influencers, Micro-Influencers, and Nano-Influencers

24) 53% of micro-influencers have never paid to promote one of their posts. Source: Activate Social

25) People aged between 13-24 are twice as likely to evaluate influencers by their social presence. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

26) Instagram influencing is a billion-dollar industry on its own. Source: 99 firms

27) Brands still find it difficult to determine the success of influencer marketing campaigns. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

28) The FTC sent letters to 21 influencers, reminding them of their disclosure obligations. Source: Izea

29) 89% of marketers say Instagram is the most significant social network for influencer marketing. Source: Social Samosa

30) 80% of all the Instagram influencers are female. Source: Warc

YouTube influencer Lily Singh
YouTube influencer, Lily Singh

31) 210 million people use Snapchat daily, meaning it’s a highly viable source for influencing. Source: Statista

32) An influencer can receive between $5,000 and $10,000 for a sponsored ad. Source: Izea

33) The best influencer campaigns are organic and don’t look like sponsored ads. 

34) 90% of marketers use engagement rates to determine the success of their influencer marketing campaigns. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub 

35) Over 50% of 18-24-year-olds encounter their first point of contact with social media through a smartphone. Source:  Reuters

36) Influencers accept less than a quarter of proposals they receive. Source: Tinuiti

37) 60% of consumers have been influenced by social media or a blog while shopping in a store. Source:  Digital Marketing Institute

38) 68% of bloggers prefer working with brands directly, rather than with an agency or network. Source: Grouphigh

39) 84% of brands aim to work with a social media star within the next 12 months. Source:  Mediakix

40) Instagram is ripe for influencers, thanks to the one-billion people who use the social media site each month. Source: Techcrunch

41) Influencers with between 10k and 100k followers offer the best combination of engagement and broad reach. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

42) 61% of 18-34-year-olds have been swayed in their decision-making by influencers. Source: Econsultancy

43) 40% of people have purchased a product after seeing an influencer use it on social media. Source: Digital Marketing Institute

44) 4 out of 10 Snapchatters claim they come across brands thanks to Snapchat celebrity endorsements. Source: Global Web Index

45) Software reviews influence an astonishing 98% of online buyers. Source: Capterra

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46) 90% of consumers trust people in their social networks. Source: Nielsen

47) 320 new influencer agencies opened in 2018 after the medium exploded in popularity. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

48) 17% of marketers are prepared to spend over half of their budget on influencers. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

49) Almost 60% of YouTube users trust product recommendations from their favorite content creators.  Source: Think With Google

50) 91% of millennials trust online reviews just as much as they do the opinion of friends and family. Source: Brightlocal

A marketing future led by influencers

Influencer marketing is so much more than a hot trend. It’s here to stay and will continue to play a prominent role in how consumers make purchase decisions in the present and the future. Brands are becoming increasingly more open to working with influencers while making sure they maximize their content output to help grow bottom lines.