A new decade is upon us, and with the 20s comes excitement for what the future may hold. The beginning of 2010 saw social media still in its infancy. Fast-forward 10 years, and it’s fully entrenched into our everyday lives – to the point where it’s hard to imagine going a day without logging in to a social network. 

Before we get too carried away about the trends that will define 2020, let’s look at 50 social media marketing statistics that have defined the medium and reveal just how important social media is for brands to find ways to connect with their audiences. 

50 Social media marketing statistics

1) 3.5 billion people use social media, which is around 45% of the world’s population. Source: Emarsys

2) Of those users, 90% are Millennials, 77% are Generation X, and 48% are Baby Boomers. Source: Emarketer

3) 71% of consumers who enjoyed a good social media experience from a brand are likely to recommend it to others.  Source: Getmbassador

4) 80% of marketers think that influencer marketing is effective, which goes to show the growing trend of using influencers to promote a brand.  Source: Smart Insights

5) Today, 91% of social media users access social channels via a mobile device, which shows the importance of connecting with people on the go has become. Source: Lyfearketing

6) The average person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes consuming social media channels each day. Source: Global Web Index

7) A staggering 96% of people who discuss brands online don’t actually follow them. This is why it’s so important to take part in social listening practices. Source: Brandwatch

8) Twitter ads tend to be 11% more successful than TV ads during live events. Source: Twitter

9) 73% of social media marketers believe its’ been effective as a marketing strategy. Source: Oberlo

10) Facebook is the fourth-most visited website, behind only Google, Reddit and Youtube. Source: Wersm

11) 81% of US consumers are likely to make a purchase decision based on a friend’s social media posts that endorses a brand. This further highlights the need to get people talking about your brand.  Source: Annex Cloud

12) Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without a relevant image. Source: Neil Patel

13) The best times to post on Twitter are Wednesdays at 3pm. Source: Marketing Hire

14) 54% of customers use social media to browse a product, often trusting the opinion of other users before making a purchase. Source: Oberlo

15) 90 million small businesses use Facebook and take advantage of elements like Messenger and Groups. Source: Facebook

16) 48% of consumers follow brands on social media to be entertained. Source: You Gov

17) Link clicks on Twitter account for 92% of all user interaction with tweets. Source: Follows

18) Instagram has one billion monthly users, with 500 million of those logging in on a daily basis. Source: Instagram

19) 49% of people depend on influencer recommendations on social media. Source: Oberlo

20) 39% of Facebook users follow business pages to receive special offers. Source: Social Media Today

21) 80% of brands think they perform well when it comes to customer service, yet only 8%  of consumers agree. Source: Smart Insights

22) 78% of people who make a complaint on Twitter expect a response within one hour. Source: Frontside

23) Instagram is popular with younger audiences, attracting 72% of teens to its platform. Source: Inc

24) Over the last few years, the daily users of Instagram stories increased from 150 million to 500 million. Source: Oberlo

25) More than 150 million people use Instagram Direct Messaging each month to communicate with brands. Source: Instagram

26) More than one in three users say they go to social networks when they want more information about a brand or product. Source: Small Biz Trends

27) People don’t like poor customer experiences, and 56% of them will go as far as unfollowing a brand if they feel they didn’t receive good customer service. Source: Smart Insights

28) 2015 saw YouTube post a figure of 40 billion all-time views for branded content. Source: Reelseo

29) 54% of people want brands to increase their video-marketing outputs. Source: Oberlo

30) 55% of men and 45% of women use YouTube. Source: Journalism

31) 96% of small businesses say they employ some form of a social media strategy. Source: Blue Corona

32) An increasing number of marketing budgets are being used on Instagram, with more than two-thirds of marketers spending most of their budget on the platform in 2019. Source: Mediakix

32) 71% of people will unfollow influencers who have fake followers.  Source: Smart Insights

33) LinkedIn video is on the rise, with the numbers of marketers set to share video on the business social network expected to rise to 65% by 2021.  Source: Dream Grow

34) 50% of consumers believe that seeing user-generated content would increase their chance of buying  a product through a brand’s social channels. Source: Curalate 

35) Seven million businesses used paid advertising on Facebook, while two million did the same on Instagram. Source: Facebook

36) 85% of small and medium-sized businesses use Twitter to provide customer service. Source: Twitter

37) 45% of marketers don’t properly analyze consumer data, which means they’re missing out on a huge opportunity to monetize their audience. Source: Venture Beat

38) Global social media advertising spend is expected to grow by an additional 73% over the next half a decade. Source: LinkedIn

39) 80% of users have mentioned a brand in a tweet at least once. Source: Twitter

40) 66% of marketers who spend at least six hours a week see an increase in leads. Source: Content Factory

41) Snapchat has made more than $600 million in ad revenue, which states its importance as a social media platform for marketers. Source: Emarketer

41) Posts on LinkedIn that contain images are 98% more successful than text-only posts Source: LinkedIn

42) 85% of businesses use third-party tools to help manage their social media presence. Source: Impact

43) Half of Generation Z and 42% of Millennials say that social media is the most relevant ad channel for getting the attention of audiences. Sources: Slideshare

44) 91% of marketing executives say that LinkedIn has proven to be the number one place to find interesting content. Source: LinkedIn

45) Pinterest posts tend to have the most extended shelf life out of all the major social networks, with content still resonating with audiences three months after being posted. Source: M2M Consulting

46) Seven out of 10 Pinterest users are female Source: Emarketer

47) 50% of Millennials use Pinterest each month, with 47% purchasing something they interact with on the platform. Source: Omnicore

48) 39% of women and 30% of men use Instagram in the United States. Source: Statista

49) 500 million tweets are sent each day. Source: Twitter

50) The total amount of marketing budgets is expected to nearly double by 2030, as the importance of successful marketing on social media increased. Source: CMO Survey

Social media and the future

It’s clear to see that social media’s influence will continue to grow in 2020, especially as technology makes using social platforms even more convenient. As more people interact with social platforms, marketers will need to continue finding  new ways to interact with audiences through engaging content that strikes a chord.

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