Social media are easy to access platforms for brands to reach their customers and to talk to their clients. That’s why your competitors may be already there! But those platforms requires special attention. You have to recognize people’s needs and fulfill their desires before someone else does so. Intuition can be useful in such cases, but it is inevitable to apply a complex approach based on statistics, market research and knowledge.
  1. What are people talking about? – Monitoring

The key for successful communication on social media is the ability to recognize your customer’s needs. Remarks related to your brand will give you information to help you to plan your strategy and build content plan. Achieving proper communication means being also updated in socially sensitive issues. Listen, react and be cool 🙂

But be careful! There is a lot of information on the internet and you must choose such kind of information which applies to your brand, carefully categorize, store and evaluate it.

Thanks to ZoomSphere you can mine those data, automatically sort and label it. Data are stored in reports in comprehensible charts. Monitoring can give you the power of knowledge and the possibility to react to real needs and relevant topics. How to do it? Find out in our blog post Catche ’em all

  1. Who are you talking to? – Analytics

Be aware of demography of your own audience. Find out who are you dealing with and compare it to your optimal audience. Prepare a content that suits them best and wait for positive response.

Follow the performance of your posts and measure impact of your activity. It helps you set a tone of voice in your communication and get even closer to your potential customers.

In ZoomSphere you can find more than 150 metrics for you to choose the right one. Pick your KPI and follow them carefully.

  1. Relevant Content – Publisher

Once you know who is your audience and what they are interested in it is easy to prepare successful content. You will grab their attention easily and people will listen because they find your word relevant and important.

Content plan is a team work and you need to find the most effective place for your team to work. Try to avoid fuzzy table and never-ending rewriting of what has already been written.

Thanks to ZoomSphere you have all your planned posts in calendar grouped by statuses. Each member of your team has very clear instructions about what should be done. Each post has a special place for ideas and suggestions, communication is easy! Would you like to know more? Follow the article: Tiny Publisher guide for your Clients

  1. Care about your Communication – Customer Care

Once your post is public it will bring you reactions! You have to watch over and moderate all the messages, comments or post no matter what. Even one channel can be a problem once the number of messages reach 70 or more per day. Once you have to take care of Facebook, Twitter and G+ it is annoying and dangerous to click through pages. You will be notified about messages of course, but you can be sure that bunch of them will stay unnoticed.

In ZoomSphere you can add all your channels at one place. Messages are sorted chronologically and arranged in a form of tasks. You can discuss your replies with your team in real time and on top of that you have also overview of user in his own, customized CRM card.

  1. Track Your Market, Track Your Competitors – Comparisons

Do not underestimate the power of your competitors. They may have already made a mistake you can avoid. Pay attention to your segment and beware of results of your competitors. It will reveal your possibilities and can adjust the way you should be going. Save time and learn from your competitors.

ZoomSphere has a module called Comparisons where you can stream all the results in one comprehensive graph. You can choose metrics important to you and follow the results comparing your benchmarks. It will be at least a motivation to be better.

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  1. Share your success – Report Builder

Last, but not at least it’s also important to save time with analysing your results. Pick your most important metrics and build your own, personalized reports. Share your success with your colleagues and group members.

ZoomSphere Report Builder is automatic and you need to set up a report only once. All the updates are provided automatically in any interval.

Providing social media marketing on a new and professional level requires brilliant team of mates! Let us be the one for you and we will earn you a fortune 😉

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