ZoomSphere as an Ecosystem

Using ZoomSphere as an ecosystem will give you the basic information, so you’ll be able to build your very own and professional social performance.

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When using social channels the key for a successful communication is the ability to recognize your customer’s needs. Those basic thoughts and opinions your target audience already has related to your brand, will give you the extra information what helps you building a professional performance. Besides knowing your audience’s thoughts, is also important to be updated in socially sensitive issues. Web and social monitoring can give you the power of knowledge, and the possibility to react on real needs, relevant topics instead of guessing what could be important for your followers. Listen, react and be cool.

Relevant Content

The key to your success basically is the relevant content you create, same situation as an offline conversation with your friends. If the content you create is based on your followers interests and needs, and your company’s goals can be customized to such needs you can grab the attention. Being aware about the results of social and web monitoring, combined with changes applied in the actual practice (if needed) is the shortest way to get your followers love, trust and positive reactions.

Connect to Your Followers

Use a Professional Customer Care when discussing issues such as how to grab people’s attention the second most important thing is being present in a conversation, and reacting on people you discuss with. This reaction is a must. Excuses like missed the comment, messages or posts are unacceptable, that’s why is important for you to have a clear platform where you can manage your follower’s content.

Measure ROI, Get Your Analytics

Another thing important to take care of are the analytics. To be sure you’re communication goes in the direction you’d like to, follow your content’s statistics.

Track Your Market, Track Your Competitors

Self confidence and unique appearance is effective, but instead of going in directions others already tried, and lead to a dead end being aware about your market and competitors activity can lead to you to a faster success. Save time and learn from your competitors.

Easy Reporting for a Successful Performance

Last, but not at least it’s also important to save time with analyzing your results. Pick your most important metrics, and build your own, personalized reports, than share it with your colleagues and group members. It’s enough to set up a report once, and enjoy the results.

These are the 6 steps we recommend, and the tool we created to manage such professional performance is ZoomSphere. Our goal is to give an all-in-one tool, which can give you a proper support for your daily social activity. If you’d like to experience the ZoomSphere environment, please feel free to contact us (contact us: pls link regional NBM’s email address)!

Team ZoomSphere