The Age Of Visuality

Let’s face it honestly; we are living in a world where good visuals catch one’s attention rather than the best text. Especially when our ability to keep the attention is lower than a goldfish can! Really, it is scientifically confirmed fact. While the average human holds the attention for eight seconds (in the year 2000 it was 12!), the goldfish are believed to have the attention span of nine seconds. Huh…

But it makes perfect sense when you take in mind the arrival of the internet, smartphones and also social media. Our brains are overloaded with a massive amount of content. To be specific, 4,75 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook (alone) daily!

Now you have the idea, how difficult it is to push through your brand to be visible. Apart from high-quality content, perfect visual is the key. Here are the 6 absolutely essential tips you should always follow.

Keep Consistent Look

Once you start building the relationship with your audience, help them recognize your brand at first sight. That means to stay consistent for example with colors, fonts, branding your images, infographics, videos, etc. Don’t forget about your logo to use as well. Long story short, you should be recognizable. Make it easier for your fans to see you in the flood of competition content.

Be Authentic, Be You

Your consistent, branded look can help you with this one. Also, don’t be afraid to use original pictures and don’t always go for pictures from photo bank. On the opposite, if you are brave enough, show fans your face and product. Catch the attention to bring people right on your web.

Besides that, keep in mind to be proud of your best work (images, thumbnails, video, …), and show those on social media as first. The rest can be foundable in a blog post for example, but the best of best must be visible for everyone.

Call To Action

You already have authentic, original visuals which are consistent and recognizable. Now you have to tell your audience what should they do with it! It is easy, yet many of us forget it or thinks it is too much. But simple CTA will send the clear message why this image was created and how to get/see the most of it. Should they click on the link to see more, share that article with friends or watch the video till the end to find out all the great stuff you prepared? 👉Tell them.

Bring Value

To stand out from the 4,725 billion pieces of content, there is a simple rule to achieve that. Does your piece either entertain, educate or help? If your answer is at least one yes, you are on a good way to gain some engagement. Whether it’s useful information or something funny, the added value is the trick!

Understand The Image

If you share an image as a part of a bigger unit, it doesn’t have to be immediately clear what the image is about. In that case, always make sure, you know exactly what the picture, and mainly, your followers will understand it too! In some cases added text may prevent misinterpreting or just overlooking.

Decide On Data

Every marketing communication is better when based on data. Simple social listening, analysis of previous campaign or competition monitoring will give you a better idea of what does work and does not. And it includes more than just preparing the best visuals (more here).

“Don’t worry; skills are cheap, passion is priceless. If you’re passionate about your content and you know it and do it better than anyone else, even with few formal business skills you have the potential to create a million-dollar business.”

DavidGary Vee, Author of Crush It Alston