Instagram has cemented itself as one of the prime social media channels. Today, it has one billion active users who spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the platform. Its reach provides a huge opportunity for brands to find new audiences and increase revenue streams. 

However, the higher the reach, the harder it becomes to build a following. And with so many people having their attention turned by content from a wealth of accounts, getting people to stay engaged is no easy feat. 

But if you can make your posts pop, Instagram is a fantastic tool for gaining traction and building an audience. After all, 90 percent of accounts follow at least one business, so let’s see what it takes to make sure that you’re the brand everyone wants to follow. 

Here are some top tips for getting more traction on Instagram.  

Tip 1) Focus on your bio

Instagram engagement

First impressions count and having a strong Instagram bio can help attract more followers. It might seem like something so little, but the bio provides an opportunity to share your core brand ethos and let people know what they can expect from your page. 

Don’t merely jot something down on the bio page with little thought. Instead, research your target audience and use similar messaging to that found on your website. Think of your bio as your business card on Instagram: the aim is to get people to click that follow button after reading it. 

Great Instagram bio example

Marie Forleo Instagram bio

Entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling author, Marie Forleo, nails the Instagram bio with a clear statement in the first line of who she is and what she does. She then uses endorsements in the second line and offers a CTA for her core offering. 

Tip 2) Cross-promote your brand

Instagram illustration

Starting from scratch, or trying to gain an organic following, can be tricky. So it’s worth teaming up with other brands to share each other’s audiences. Find companies that operate in a similar space, where customers can benefit from both business activities. Then cross-promote each other on Instagram. 

Cross promotions may include discounts for customers who shop at both companies, or it might see you implementing a social media competition for a cross-promotion. No matter which route you go down, teaming up with other brands can grow your reach and expose you to new audiences.

Great Instagram cross-promotion example

Kit Kat Android Instagram promotion

Nestle launched 50 million KitKat bars across 19 countries using Android branding while offering a Nexus 7 tablet and Google Play vouchers. Why? To generate publicity, which it did. The entire branding experience picked up so much traction that it overshadowed Apple’s new iPhone release. 

Tip 3) Be authentic

Instagram authenticity

You’re probably used to reading guides that tell you authenticity always wins, but it’s essential to keep drumming the point home. Being authentic is the only way to build a genuine following on Instagram. Audiences will quickly realize if you’re trying to be something you’re not. 

Be true to your brand’s ethos and share those messages with your audience. It’s absolutely fine to be a little quirky and funny, but only if it fits with the message you’re trying to portray. Trying to be something you’re not will only end up in disappointment. 

Great authentic business accounts on instagram

FedEx instagram

FedEx serves its customers by delivering packages worldwide, and its Instagram account is a reflection of those deliveries happening in real places, hammering home the human side of deliveries. 

Tip 4) Post frequently

Instagram posts frequency

Ninety percent of businesses have a social media account, but too many of them give up too soon because they don’t see fast results. Yet, you need to keep at it if you want traction on platforms like Instagram, and that starts with regular posting

It can be disheartening seeing few interactions with your posts. But if you keep doing the right things, you will likely start to enjoy some success. In the meantime, make sure that you’re interacting and following other people while starting conversations. You will only get engagement in the beginning if you’re willing to engage yourself. 

Recent studies show that of 100,000 Instagram accounts, the ones who post at least once a day see more engagement than those who don’t. 

Great accounts on Instagram that post regularly

H&M Instagram feed

H&M post at least once a day, sharing their stock and imagery that makes people want to buy their clothes – whether that’s evoking summer vibes or getting people to buy winter warmers. No matter the image, it consistently posts to keep people engaged.

Tip 5) Create a schedule 


social media scheduler

How do you ensure that you post regularly on Instagram? You create a schedule; that’s how. Creating a social media posting schedule means that you’re always on top of your posting and can maximize opportunities to engage with audiences. 

Use a tool that lets you create a posting schedule and measure results of the traction that you gain. 

instagram feed

If you use Zoomsphere, you can go one step further and benefit from Instagram Feed, which lets you see your posts as they are in Instagram on the scheduler. 

A posting schedule also gives you an oversight into what is working and what you could potentially improve on to gain even more traction. 

Tip 6) Paid advertising 


There’s no harm in giving your Instagram account a little kick start with paid advertising. A PPC campaign can give you a much-needed boost in impressions, and you get to implement some of Instagram’s biggest features, such as Stories, to a wider audience.

Your ads will appear in front of a wider pool of users, giving you the chance to create more engagement around your brand on social media. You can control the cost, too, so you never go outside your allocated market budget for PPC.

Tip 7) Add locations to your post

Location marketing

Even if your product or offering isn’t hyper-local, adding a location to Instagram posts can let people who are close by finding you without any fuss. It’s a chance for you to start local conversations and show that you’re active in the community. 

Adding a location to your post is even more important if your business relies on local trade. This is especially true if you’re involved with a nearby event or something specific happening in the area. Using locations means that you’re even more connected to those nearby. 

Great examples of geotagging on Instagram

GoPro Instagram account

GoPro often uses geotags to showcase its customers using GoPro equipment, and the results are plenty of local traction. The sport or activity will often be relevant to that location, meaning you’re more likely to see images of people playing soccer in England and skiing in places where there are snow and mountains. 

Winning at Instagram

If you’re serious about gaining traction on Instagram, you need to commit for the long run and build up an audience over time. But if you’re looking for a few quick wins, these tips can speed up the process to gain more traction and enjoy greater success on one of social media’s most important channels.