Do you want to get more Instagram followers, track your Instagram analytics or at least improve your Instagram feed? Is there a proven recipe to succeed on Instagram? Of course, but at first, you have to set your goals and know your audience. After that, these Instagram apps and tools are here to help you succeed.

I use them to come up with perfect pictures and graphics, to plan my Instagram feed or evaluate the effectiveness of shared content. Try those 9 tools too, and you’ll see the immediate improvement of your own Instagram!

Type of Instagram tools and apps:

  • Instagram content planning and analytics tools
  • Instagram photo editing and college apps
  • Other Instagram (non)essential tools

Here is the list of Instagram tools and apps that successful brands and influencers are using to generate sizable Instagram audiences.

1. PostVu

Type: Content planning (and sharing) tool
Download it: PostVu

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you can’t omit the consistency of your feed. Sharing your posts should never be random. You need to think ahead of how shared photos will work together.

Once you connect your profile with app PostVu, you can easily plan the appearance of your feed. For business and online creators, it’s a necessary tool. By the way, it allows also sharing your post in your feed or to instastory. And it´s free – woohoo!

2. Zoomsphere

Type: Content planning and analytics tool
Download it: ZoomSphere
See pricing

New ZoomSphere mobile app can publish right away to Instagram. At first, you have to prepare your post in Zoomsphere as you are used to (add the visual, type in the copy…) and assign Approved Status.

Then open the app and see the post detail. You see the post you prepared back in ZoomSphere. Then simply click on “Publish to Instagram”. The app will automatically jump there to add the chosen post. You can decide whether you want to share it in feed or to instastory.

New ZoomSphere Instagram Publishing App.

3. Adobe Lightroom CC

Type: Photo editing app
Download it: Adobe Lightroom CC

Most of the bloggers, YouTubers, and professional photographers use Lightroom software in the desktop version to edit their photos. The mobile app is a simplified version of this software, it is user-friendly, and the basic features are completely free. For me, it‘ s absolutely the best app for editing my photos on Instagram!

The app provides you with basic features such as editing of brightness, contrast or saturation. Besides, it lets you customize the colors of your photos and create your own presets. And it‘s super easy!

4. Snapseed

Type: Photo editing app
Download: Snapseed


With this app, you can adjust the contrast, temperature or brightness of your photos. You can also crop (or expand) photos, add text and much more. In addition to the basic “tuning” features, it creates an HDR scene, a retro atmosphere or noir-style images.

A significant advantage of this app is the ability to edit photos only locally. For example, if you have a dark face, you can brighten it manually. Another great gadget is the “Cleaning” feature. This allows you to erase all disturbing elements (such as people in the shot, cords from cables and other imperfections) in the photo.

5. StoryArt

Type: Instastory creator app
Download: StoryArt
Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Fantastic app for creating stunning Instagram Stories! StoryArt offers an extensive selection of pre-prepared themed templates. If you choose a specific theme, after clicking on it, it provides you other graphic designs that you can use in Stories.

It is possible to change colors of the chosen design, add a specific photo, add text and change the font type. You will fall in love with this app!

6. Canva

Type: Graphic design creator
Download: Canva

For me, Canva is the best application for creating banners, infographics, invitations, etc.! Usually, I use it in a desktop version. And you can too! Just sing up on

The application allows you to create graphics on all social networks. It already has preset sizes, so you don’t have to deal with anything at all. Just choose the desired format, design and then add a photo and create the final graphic according to your taste.

The great thing is that your account will be linked to your phone account so that you will have your previously created graphics in your mobile app as well.

7. Layout from Instagram

Type: Collage creator
Download: Layout from Instagram

App Layout helps you make great photo collages. Of course, there are about 1000 apps that do this, but I recommend the app Layout because it’s the official app from Instagram.

8. Linktree

Type: Tool for optimizing Instagram traffic

source: Linktree

Instagram allows users only one opportunity to link to a website (in their bio). If you need to link on more pages on your website, there’s a solution: Linktree! It’s a free tool used to optimizing your Instagram traffic. It turns one link into many by creating an intermediate landing page. On this page, visitors can choose which page they want to visit.

9. Better font-s

Type: Apps offering a variety of fonts
Download it: Better font-s
Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

You may have noticed that especially celebrities embellish their posts (both in feed and in stories) with different types of fonts. They use mainly app Better font-s, which offers a large number of fonts. If you want to dazzle with playful letters o Instagram, try it!

Hope you find the tools useful! If you want more Instagram tips from me, follow me on Instagram @dianaella or check my personal blog