If you think that social media is outdated and doesn’t attract enough users now, wait till you find out that people are spending 50% more time online now. 

Imagine, 1 billion people, with nowhere to go, sitting in the corner of their rooms, going stir crazy. As a brand creator, you can help! Instagram is a super fun platform. Not only can you create interactive content, but you can also try other fun stuff to boost your business and effectively connect with your audience, who are in desperate need of good content.

If that didn’t convince you, maybe think of your competitors who are spending hours online to market their brands while they sit in their PJs all day. Fear not, here are the 9 cool, exciting things you can try to jazz up your page.

Augmented Reality Shopping

Instagram augmented reality shopping
This is how augmented reality can enhance your shopping experience on Insta

What if your customers could try your products before placing an order? Undoubtedly, this would boost the customer satisfaction rate immensely. While a lot of brands are already making the most out of augmented reality shopping, this is the right time for you to integrate this feature with your Instagram marketing strategy if not already. 

Enhance the Explore Tab

Instagram Explore Tab

Instagram had the explore tab as a generic way of finding likable content. But who has time for posts that you have no interest in? Fortunately, they have sobered up and segmented the Explore tab, so when you go in there, you will find stories and posts that match your interests.

If you need to kill a couple of hours looking at puppy videos, with everything that is going on in the world, we aren’t going to judge you.

Sneak Peek

Instagram sneak peak
A sneak peek at your new launched could keep the engagement alive.

Have something new lined up? Don’t wait until the very last minute to start talking about it. You need to build a buzz and get your audience to start sniffing long before you have finished cooking up the product. 

Create events, launch parties, and sneak peek posts to generate interest. When people see a picture of the upcoming product, without knowing too much about it, they will naturally get curious. Create fun games around the concept. 

Ask your audience what the product could be, and watch interest spiral in the comments. Sneak peek is a fun way to get to know the interest in your product in the market. It can tell you if you are marketing enough, or need to ramp up.

Fans Analysis

The best way to grow your audiences is by developing a stronger connection with them! Loyal customers not only serve as your brand advocates but also provide valuable feedback. 

 You can build relations on Instagram and find a lot of support for your brand through the recent feature that has been launched on Instagram. The feature will help you bond with your people by connecting them with various mailboxes on your business account. For your primary email account, you will get high priority notifications. And the lower priority ones — you can move them to the general inbox. This is the best way to segregate your biggest fans from the rest of the crowd.

You will also be able to see who is mentioning you in the past day in their stories. Again, this is an interesting feature. Why, you ask? It provides you with easy access to ready made content that you can simply repost and get a lot of credibility. What’s more, it also helps you showcase to your followers that you care about their stories and content, and what could be a better way to make them feel special?

Create Interactive Stories

Instagram Stories tools

Instagram is interactive. There is no doubt about that. Be it the story watches, or content sharing, there is nothing like Instagram to connect with people.

You can take the interaction one step higher by creating content that actively engages with people. Polls are fun. They are quick, they are sticky, and people have the inherent urge to make their vote count – if they can do it online that is. Add some countdown timers or question stickers and you have got the perfect recipe to get people excited about a topic they care for.

Talk to People

Instagram Q&A's
Instagram Q&A’s are one of the most popular format used in Stories.

Isn’t that what all of us are craving right now? How about you create some announcements about your products, contents and ask your followers to give you some feedback? 

Add a question sticker and the customers who are following your stories will be much more likely to tell you what they think of their post.

Explore IGTV


Although Instagram launched IGTV way back in 2018, it didn’t get much traction immediately. For starters, IGTV is Instagram’s way to allow you to stream content and create channels like YouTube. 

According to a report, only 18% of people watched any IGTV content as of Feb 2019. But it is expected that IGTV will witness a major change in 2020. Reportedly, Instagram is testing a feature which will allow IGTV content creators to monetize their content by adding ads in between, much similar to Facebook.

This means that now is the right time to roll-out your IGTV series and explore the hidden realms. 


Instagram displays

Instagram is a marketplace for people to discover and resonate with products. Everyone is looking for their miracle cure, and you can give your audience that. It’s not just a social platform anymore. Retail is on Instagram to stay. Putting your products on displays will let you create interest, get leads and boost sales. 

There is a shoppable post feature on Instagram that allows you to do this super effectively. Not only you can get the hype around the product, but you can also even direct people to your websites.

Add TikTok 


TikTok has always been the underdog on other social platforms. It has so much potential, yet nobody takes it seriously. If you want to be a successful market leader, you cannot alienate 1 billion people who can be your potential customers. People are hooked on small clips. It has revolutionized entertainment. But how do you bring the same flavor to your posts on Insta?

With Reels. Reels is a quick video editing process that lets you edit and post 15-second long video clips. Jazz it up with some music and fun captions.

Get Started!

These were some of the exciting things to try on Instagram in 2020. What’s more, don’t forget to try the all-new ZoomSphere mobile app that could publish the content the right way to Instagram in just a few simple clicks!