According to’s 2015 report, 387 million people across Europe have active social media accounts – all potential consumers of your brand.

2. Share your message better

There is always something you want people to know about your product or service and social media lets you tell more people, more quickly. Customers are consuming information in a multitude of ways which means you can share your message several times across a variety of platforms. Tailor your message to the platform and track what posts drive fan engagement.

3. Be in your customer’s pocket!

According to wearesocial’s report, 287 million people across Eastern and Western Europe have active mobile social accounts. This means that being content active in those communities gives you an opportunity to reach customers no matter where they physically are.

4. Get found quicker and easier.

If your brand is visible in more places online, it can be found by more people, more often – simple.

5. Embrace your customer of ONE! 

Social media facilitates fantastic one to one communication in real time. Fans and followers of your profiles can message, comment and post directly to your brand and you get notified each time. Fans can initiate conversations about your brand and they can be engaged individually from the comfort of any Internet connection.

6. Offer better customer service

The real time conversations that social media platforms facilitate allow brands respond to their customer service requests quicker than ever. With social media you are allowing customers more ways to connect with you so you have more opportunities to manage their requests in real time. Keep customers happier quicker and stay on top of what is being said about your brand.

7. Drive traffic to your website

Social media platforms allow you to catch the attention of potential customers and then use content links to drive them back to your brand’s website. Compelling content will attract people whom you can then direct to your site for more information and hopefully conversion to new customers.

8. It’s cheap!

No billboards to rent or television spots to buy just set up a profile and away you go. Social media platforms are free and fast to set up, they also walk you through the process step by step. Free online tools mean you can create graphics and videos to help show off your brand quickly and easily. The only investment really needed is time!

9. Built in analytics

Social media platforms have built in analytics that allow you to see exactly exactly how many people are engaging with your brand within the platform. Hard data on exactly what people are saying and about your brand means you can curate content to draw in new users and better engage existing ones. Third party software also allows you to get more from these built in metrics to deliver more feed back about what your customers are interested in.