He and his colleagues remember MySpace, Orkut or Fejsbůček (previous ZoomSphere). With more than 10 years of experience in the professional world of the social media, Adam is describing what always works when it comes to building successful communication. Yes, you are right, it’s data!

From early studies on college to up to date conferences and meetups, Adam Zbiejczuk dedicated his professional life to social media and digital marketing. Living in the Czech Republic, with roots in Poland and contacts across middle Europe thanks to organizing international Babel talks. He is moving within the world of social media and digital marketing for more than 10 years and has plenty of experience. Also, using ZoomSphere is one of them 🚀

Both online and offline community

“Since the year 2012, I decided to leave a big company and start to freelance. I joined Jaroslav Faltus and Miroslav Buchta, whom both came from gaming company Electronic Arts (games like The Sims or Battlefield for example) combining both online and offline community marketing. While we cooperated for a long time, in 2015 we finally decided to focus 100 % on our won agency, at least properly using domain Inlfuencer.cz registered long time ago and start the real business,” remembers Adam the journey to Influencer.cz.

Nowadays the company offers three types of service – delivering the best in social media, online PR and influencer marketing (three bosses make three services, obviously 😎).To name some of their clients to let’s choose for example CETIN, Somersby, Albatros Media or Carollinum.

Besides that, Adam is a father of  the concept of regular marketing meetings called Babel talks. Monthly gatherings are meant primarily for social media professionals and take place by rotation in Praha and Brno or time to time in Bratislava.  

Numbers are the argument

When it comes to preparing new campaign or refreshing the existing one, guys from Influencer.cz are entirely sure where it is necessary to start – analysis. “For those purposes, to start building the communication, we need to prepare reports of the whole segment or branch, do a deep insight, see results of previous communication, the performance of client himself as well as understand the competition,” describes Adam. When doing this, he and his team decided to work with ZoomSphere and make use of its analytics module, for example with helping with social media in Albatros Media.   

See facts, drink beer

Are you confused, what is with the beer doing in marketing article?🍻 Don’t worry, we are just skipping to a concrete experience with data-driven communication. And a very successful one! Adam is remembering on one his Babel talk’s guest Dušan Benža introducing Starobrno’s (Czech brewery) results of quite a unique style of communication. But first goes first. 👇

Dušan Benža, nowadays head of marketing in KPMG, but a skilled professional with his own agency, introduced a comparison between a couple of Czech breweries and their success on social media (Facebook mainly). As he has been in charge of Starobrno social media efforts, it was in the center of analysis.

Besides their strategy – authentic, attractive, local, funny, seasonal and original content (with a Twitter rule, i.e. up to 160 characters) – he emphasized the key of good arguments in analytic form. To put it in simple words, their original and quite a bold tone of voice had to be supported by exact numbers that it actually works (for their and mainly clients mental peace 🙏).

For a seasoned marketer this is nothing new, to evaluate every campaign. The deal maker is how.

In his Babel talk’s speech, he relied on the data from ZoomSphere and thanks to the analytic module got to pretty impressive numbers. Even though Starobrno had in that period of time (9/2016 – 9/2017) “just” 40 000 fans, mainly because to its local character, fan interactions were extremely high.

“This is a key thing for me – average interaction per one fan, in which we were for the whole year number one. According to that, I can see the quality, and immodestly say, Starobrno has the best content,” sums up Dušan.

All the data side by side

Back to Adam and Influencer.cz, the unique point of view (clients or fans point of view) is essential for their work as well. “Without underestimating the importance of performance marketing, well thought out applications or simply well-done creative concept; identify with our client, user or fan is always our priority number one. And all of that is impossible without the right data, both ours and maybe more importantly about the competition,” comments Adam the importance of data in marketer’s work.

ZoomSphere enables its users to compare social media side-by-side for analysis with competitors, retrieve deep analytics from your profiles to grow your business or create social listening searches to monitor brand mentions and determine sales leads.

And as Adam says, you can “do marketing” without that all, but why, when the options are here just in front of you.

Do you believe in power of analytics as well? Great! Check our web, blog or YouTube channel for more info!