New Publisher 2.0 is coming very soon and there are some features you really should know about. For example renewed Approved Status, which enables you to start working on promoting Facebook posts even before they are published. How to do that? Check it below in the article👇

It’s not such a long time when all social media marketers were shaken by Facebook algorithm changes. We all remember that panic across the internet and looking for quick solutions how to get back on the same engagement rate levels. A couple of ways seemed to be the possible way out of it – a high-quality content is the most important one, also making use of your page group for example, trying live video streaming or other Facebook tools. And of course, there are the Ads helping you deliver your posts to the right audience.

Get ready before publishing

Working with Ads Manager and preparing right campaigns is bread and butter for most social media marketers. Not only prepare perfect post but delivering it to its audience is a part of the whole workflow. That is why we decided to make your work easier by enabling you to work with Facebook posts in Ads Manager even before publishing them.

How can you do that? It is pretty easy actually. Once you prepare your Facebook post, label it with Approved Status. Since then that post has its unique post ID number. You can copy this ID number by clicking on the profile name and choose copy post ID to the clipboard.

Now you have the ID copied and can paste it to Ads Manager while you are preparing new ad on the already existing post. You find this option in the last step of making new campaign ➡ choose Use Existing Post. Now you can select either already published one or enter post ID (via post ID you can find both published or just approved posts). Thanks to this new feature in ZoomSphere Publisher 2.0, Facebook already knows what are you looking for.

How to copy and paste post ID? 🚀


You don’t have to wait anymore for planning the promotion of posts and you can prepare everything in advance. With new Publisher 2.0, your work will be way much easier, not just while managing your ads and campaigns. Check all the news that is coming soon in advance and get ready in time! 🏁 

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