The first two months of the new year were huge in Zoomsphere – we came up with brand new Leads Manager, our own App store, and a couple of new features customers asked us for. In case you didn’t notice all of them, here is the full list of the Zoomsphere news. 

Leads Manager App

Facebook Lead Generation campaigns are one of the most effective, and when done right, you gain high-quality contacts for your potential customers. And once you have them, you need to take action! That’s why we added a new App into ZoomSphere to collect all leads in one place and enhanced it with a couple of features for the best results. 

In our brand new Leads Manager module you can:

  • collect data from executed Lead Ads 
  • sort data in columns and change order of columns  
  • assign statuses to collected contacts
  • assign team members to collected contacts
  • filter collected data based on assignee, status or page
  • export data to excel sheet
  • use full-text search

The App collects leads from every Lead Generation campaign created on the Page (Facebook or Instagram) you connect to it. The collection is then fully automated. 

Do you want to know more? Check this article or watch the video. 

Zoomsphere App store

To bring our customers both professional and personalized service, we created the Zoomsphere App store. In the App store, you can choose which apps you need for your work and build your digital marketing tool precisely as you wish for. 

You find it on the left side panel. Click on the icon and discover all available apps, such as:

  • Publisher
  • Customer Care
  • Analytics
  • Comparisons
  • Monitoring
  • Leads Manager
  • and more to come (*spoiler alert* new app is coming very soon) 💪

Post Performance in the Publisher app

Newly, you see the key performance statistics for every published Facebook post right in the Publisher app. Where? You have two options – in the calendar preview when pointing the cursor on an eye icon or in the post detail. 

The key performance statistics that are shown in the App:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Reactions
  • Comments
  • Engagement & Engagement rate
  • Post clicks
  • Negative feedback

Improved Navigation in Post Detail

Lastly, we slightly changed the view within the Publisher. When creating a new post or editing an existing one, the post detail does no longer cover the whole window. Instead of that part of the left side stays visible for better navigation. 

This way, you will always know in which app and which Workspace you are.

Besides that, now you’ll clearly see the current day in your weekly view of Publisher by checking the upper bar and click on the plus button moved to the header. 

Notifications for Customer Care Notes and Mentions

We empowered our notification center to show you mentions or notes from the Customer Care app. Once anyone from your team does so, a notification is sent to the global notification centre and you find all of it under the bell icon in the left side panel.

What do you say about the latest news? Do you like them or you don’t?

PS: Stay tuned soon for more and let us know, what do you wish your digital marketing tool can do? 😉