Visuals play a central role in communication. It is much easier to express yourself using different kind of emoticons, stickers or memes. People get used to it and the amount of messages that contain pictures has increased rapidly.

Follow the trends and don’t be the “old-fashioned” one. Try to increase your awareness and make your customers happy with new and creative way of communication. Your imagination doesn’t have limits. Prepare a bunch of designs where you can link emotions with catchy look so typical for you brand.


You can use visuals to be more precise in your communication with fans. Send them photos of your shop, so that they can find you easier. Send them more pictures of your products to convince them that you are the one they can rely on. Your business is specific, but I am sure visuals can be useful for you as well.


You can now add pictures to your replies in the Customer Care module of ZoomSphere. All the other functions like labelling, tagging or assigning are available as well without any changes. New function is available in central column and you reply the same way you are used to it.


All you need to do is choose this button commentwhen replying and add a picture from your computer.

We hope you will find our new function handy and in case you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me directly at