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Here is a list of 15 most successful post shared by marketing agencies in Europe. It makes five for Facebook, five for Instagram, and also five for Twitter. Let’s see what kind of content works online?


1. You-n | Agenzia di comunicazione integrata & marketing non convenzionale 

Don’t stop the escape of m49, escapee in the night and hunted by four forest teams that continue their activities.

M49 has not been intimidated even by an electrified network at 6 thousand volt and, as a real outlaw, now risk not only the capture but the felling in case it was necessary.

Let’s cheer for you m49!

2. You-n | Agenzia di comunicazione integrata & marketing non convenzionale 

” it’s a dyed game, that of memories, in which you always end up losing”

Today we lost you… hello camilleri ❤️

3. Hub09 – Brand People 

Girls ♥️

4. Millenium promocija 

The most famous zagreb beach is back in town for the happiness of all lovers of good fun and even better books! 😃⛱📚

The Fifth Edition of the must book visitors offers an unforgettable combination of the world of books and distant galaxies in the unique So hurry up to the favorite city park, take your place and dive into the fantastic world of imagination with coffee, cocktail and book from lumen cottage until July 14. th! #Mprtim is in charge of the PR segment of this meritorious event in Lumen.

5. Marketing Commando 

How did I get into the duct tape marketing book, one of Dan Kennedy’s lectures and newsletter, John Carlton’s forum, etc – and how did the link of my fresh website come up with the name of several big American Marketing Guru’s website with

Once upon a time, I fought hard for professional relations. I bought all the great American Guru’s materials, I was eating, and then I looked for them.

After a few attempts and failure, I realized what the best way is: If I write them a client’s opinion that every marketer is dreaming of. I don’t write ” wow good your material “, or ” that’s how much my company has grown “. but I observed the person what is important to him, what he cares, and then I wrote it according to his. I wanted the opinion I write, put it in the window.

I compared dan k to a great icon, Walt Disney. I wrote a musical analogy for Carlton, EX-Rocker. And I wrote about the curriculum of John Jan a, author of duct marketing (Duct Tape Marketing). I wrote that here in Hungary, where almost no one has heard about marketing, where relationships are based on the most business (2001! ), here his book advice works like an atomic bomb!

Who put it on his website, with name, link, was nice SEO 🙂 and we started talking. We shared some good tactics with each other. Among other things, I told him a market research method used for product development (which I learned from a small market research company in Glasgow). And this method was added to its book, page 57., and reached hundreds of thousands of people who read its book worldwide 🙂

Kriszta came to a conference with me once in Atlanta. We stand in line for registration, thousands of people. I said to him: ” bet they will recognize you!” kriszta: ” don’t be stupid, from the thousands of guests?” we get there, there’s Sharon, Dan Kennedy’s assistant ” hello gabor! How was your trip?”

Kriszta with death… I’m not going to lie: on these relationships anno… I worked a lot! Leaves, thoughtfulness, gifts, recommendations, interests, egos.

Believe me: anyone can get in if you listen. You can reach anyone to do you a favor if you pay attention to what your interests are, what’s your concern. Marketing at the end of the day is an infinitely simple science: if you know what employs your customers, you can only win, and you can get there for as long If you put the job into it. It’s worth it, because if you don’t just work, but you work with brains; if you get information first and act after it, there’s no goal you can’t reach.


1. mediamonks

2. infinumco

3. degordian 

4. degordian

5. goldener_westen 


1. Wonderland.

We made an interactive gallery website to display The Cool Club x FWA limited edition deck of 54 of the coolest websites in history. Check it out and grab a pack for yourself  @fwa


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3. makemepulse

We just launched our @Behance profile! Discover our case studies. We’ll release a new one each week over the month of July, stay tuned

4. Adoratorio Studio

During the last months, we had the opportunity to work, side by side, with @fwa. #Thehistoryofwebdesign by  @TASCHEN is here. Well done team! 👉

5. makemepulse

Experience the new Renault Twingo! Design it, try it, like it! Create your hyper-personalised Twingo with several options to directly test-drive it through funny interactive and instinctive gameplays