With Coronavirus or COVID-19, humankind has faced an unprecedented challenge. This disease knows no sovereign boundaries and has affected almost all nations across the globe. With people being forced to stay indoors across major economies, operations of companies have been hit hard. 

Companies have been quick to act to come up with marketing campaigns and advertisements aimed at building stronger customer-connects and also showcasing how they are contributing to this global fight against the pandemic. 

Let us take a look at the 5 best advertisements being run by renowned brands.

Best COVID-19 Ads


Titled “We’re never lost if we can find each other”, this 90-second video from Facebook is aimed at the power of Facebook to connect people globally. It features a montage of actual pictures and videos collected from users across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

The video starts with pictures of locked down cities and vacant locations and then moves on to people connecting through video calls, live videos, and pictures and messaging. The strong message that this video intends to share is that despite being forced to stay at home or away from loved ones, people still are not apart from each other and remain connected through the various platforms of Facebook. 

Facebook has used British poet Kate Tempest’s poem “People’s Faces” as the sound score to the video, with poet herself reciting her poem in a defiant tone which showcases the strength of human spirit in the face of toughest odds. The video closes with a link to Facebook’s support page for COVID-19, for those who require support as well as for those who can extend support to the needy.


With a run-time of only 48 secs, marketing experts at Ogilvy Canada delivered a stellar campaign for Dove Canada. This hard-hitting video is dedicated to the medical and healthcare workers who are tirelessly working on the frontlines to ensure that the best medical care is provided to all those affected by Coronavirus disease. 

Named “Courage”, this video aptly focuses on the fearless warriors fighting the disease head-on on the battlefield. It shows how this relentless fight has taken its toll on the healthcare professionals – they look straight into the camera while their faces bear the marks and bruises from the continuous usage of personal protection gear. 

Captioned as “Courage is beautiful”, these visible lines on their faces are treated as their sign of courage and that these marks are their real beauty. Dove Canada, a part of Unilever, closes this advertisement stating that it is donating personal care products to the Canadian healthcare professionals working in the frontline and with a weblink for the view to follow to know more about Dove’s effort and contributions towards fighting this disease.


Uber, a global giant in transportation services, prides itself as a company that moves people. With this compact video, Uber has found a unique way to connect with its customers.

Through this campaign, Uber thanks its customers for not using their services! The video is found-footage themed, showcasing people from different backgrounds staying at home and adjusting to the social isolation being forced upon them by this pandemic. 

It captures various moments of how people are spending their time at home, with their families and staying connected with everyone online – all from inside their home, immobilized. Uber sends a strong message urging people to stay home not only for themselves but also for those who can’t, who are at the forefront of fighting this disease.

Titled “Thank you for not riding”, this video has a runtime of 75 secs. Uber uses hashtags like #StayHome #MoveWhatMatters to encourage its customers to stay at home and also assuring that it is doing everything to extend support to all those that need its services – from providing protective masks to its drivers, to free transportation services and food delivery services to healthcare workers and others in need.


Nike’s “Play for the World” campaign is targeted at encouraging people to find new ways to play and adapt in the face of adverse challenges posed by the Coronavirus threat. Titled “Play for the World | You Can’t Stop Us”, this is the second advertisement in its “Play for the World” campaign. 

Nike aims to bring innovative and inspirational methods to every athlete across the globe and defines an athlete as anyone having a body. The message is very clear – even though the pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors, it will not be able to stop them from playing. Featuring heavyweight sports celebrities – LeBron James, Ramla Ali and Sara Hughes, the video shows how these athletes have adapted themselves to keep working out and honing their skills. 

The video also features people from across the globe finding innovative ways to keep playing in these tough times, turning places like the living rooms, kitchens, hallways, basements, driveways into their playgrounds. 

The closing segment of the video sends a very subtle message – although this pandemic has prevented us from playing with each other, for our countries, for the crowds and supporters, yet this pandemic has provided a special chance to everyone to stay home and play for Planet Earth, play for the World and the 7.8 billion people that inhabit it.


Nissan Middle East has developed this 60-second video campaign in which it urges its customers to stay indoors and stay safe, amidst the Coronavirus crisis. Nissan takes a very poignant approach to deliver this message. 

The video shows images of empty roads and desolate highways, while the narrator tells us how the brand has been connected with us for a very long time, how there has to be a sacrifice now in the form of staying indoors and not driving so that it can reconnect with us after this pandemic is over. 

With the limited scope of being operational under this crisis, Nissan finds an excellent opportunity through this advertisement to build an emotional connection with its customers. Through this video, it spreads an optimistic message, that this too shall pass and people will only come out of this with more resolve and the bond Nissan has with its customers will only become stronger.

The Next Steps

Inspiring, indeed! We are impressed by the way these brands used videos to promote their brands while also putting a subtle message forward. 

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