2020 has been a challenging year for marketers. Endless quarantine and fear of infection slashed the numbers of people buying products brutally in the first half of the year. But marketers have been persistently putting out content. Whether we are still ready to binge shop or not, everybody can love and admire the amount of creativity and effort that has gone behind some of these campaigns. 

Here are the best social media campaigns, posts, and ads of 2020 that rocked the world of advertising.

Avoracle by Lidl UK

Avocados are to millennials what oil is to cars. It’s the most popular superfood of our times, and brands know well enough to capitalize on the buzz. Simply saying it is popular does not do this superfruit justice. 

Lidl Supermarket boosted its popularity by using this funky fruit in their campaign. The biggest gripe people have about avocadoes is that they are super expensive, and the seed takes up half of the fruit.

Lidl put out a quirky ad playing on this theme. The post is super relatable because we have all experienced the dread of cutting open one of them and not knowing where the pit ends. They jazzed it up by adding a prediction for the winner of soccer matches, which brought in hordes of soccer fans sharing around the campaign all over twitter and Facebook.

#KnowYourLemons by Worldwide Breast Cancer

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Gepostet von Know Your Lemons Foundation am Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2020

Breast cancer is a hugely sensitive subject. There is no way to run campaigns without getting people offended or upset. This is why the campaign by Worldwide Breast Cancer became such an iconic addition to the world of advertising. This hashtag is light and fun and something everyone can relate to. 

Who knew lemons can deliver valuable information about this massively severe disease. This also gave millions of women the platform to share their stories, raise awareness, and collect donations from interested parties. This non-profit exceeded its goal by 317% through this single campaign.

#6SecondScienceFair by GE

This has been an exciting social media campaign based on Vine and Tumblr. GR launched this campaign some years back. Vines re-created posts by people to get them interested in learning and science. GE was established as a thought leader and an influential brand when it came to innovation. 

One of the most viewed and liked vines that amassed a hundred thousand likes and reposts is a pretty fun one. It shows what happens when you combine milk, dish soap, and food coloring.

Tweet Shop by Marc Jacobs

best social media ads 2020

Social media currency is not taken seriously enough by marketers, and Marc Jacobs showed the flaws in our ways. Their Tweet Shop asked fans to post on various social media, which will act as the currency they can use to pay for products. 

Real-life products mind you. 2020 has been one of the most creative years for people because they have ample time sitting at home, and they have rehashed this old trend, generating a lot of attention from potential customers. This is one of the rare win-win situations where the brand gets popularity, and the fans get free stuff.

Everyday Congrats from Tina Fey

Facebook saw this fantastic campaign by America Express, where they congratulated adults on their daily adulting experience. The whole thing is super fun, and with the iconic comedian Tina Fey at the helm of giving virtual high fives to people for doing things like getting a promotion, or hosting a party successfully, this became an instant hit the videos just touched the heartstring of over 30 million videos which generated in a 20% increase in AMEX’s brand popularity.


netflix social media ads

People love free stuff, and nobody knows it better than Netflix. In a unique strategy to reach a new audience, they created an Instagram story post with an offer nobody could resist. They showed the highlights of the most popular series with a 30-day free trial, which became an instant hit. 

Fans of big banner series like Money Heist, Stranger Things, Dark, brought in many new customers who came for the free trial and stayed for the excellent content. If this is not a marketing win in your book, nothing is.

PinPals by Marshalls


This post trend has been the talk of the town all over YouTube and Pinterest for a long time. Marshalls is, in many ways, like a real-life Pinterest board. You stroll down the shop, and you never know what you will end up finding out.

This initiative is highly unusual for most social brands. Marshall took a look at their follower boards in these two social media sites and then delivered all the similar goodies that were available with them, right to the doorstep of these followers.

But that’s not all, they also captured these heartwarming moments of deliveries and posted them on all social media, which was loved by 12 million videos. They also generated 143,000 engagements and almost half a billion impressions.


nike social media ad

If you have noticed brand posts on Instagram, then you will notice the overuse of hushed tones and muted colors. These tones have been used to the point that some of the campaigns start to look alike. Nike does things differently. Their ad budget is insane, and they have put it to good use by targeting billions of users on Instagram through the use of brilliant colors in their posts.

The brand has been releasing eye-catching posts with their products that are an instant success, and generate a lot of emotion from the consumers.

#MyInstagramLogo by Instagram

Although this campaign/post phenomenon did not begin in 2020, this has been one of the most influential hashtags of the year on Instagram. In 2012, this project started to inspire young artists to create new and improved Instagram icons, which they updated based on the winner. 

This is a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their work and has been a massively successful campaign that brought to limelight many budding creators.

The Wrap Up

Ah! Some good content. Isn’t it? Well, these social media campaigns really caught our eyes and made us acknowledge the fact, once again, that powerful content knows no realms. So what are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.