Bitdefender’s incredible customer and product base means the brand relies heavily on social media as part on their communication strategy. Social Media Manager, Mirabela Dinu, explains how they harness the medium, “We use our social media assets for engagement and brand awareness, for customer care, and from time to time for testing performance campaigns. We have a lot of creative content campaigns dedicated to our communities and we do our best to keep an ongoing communication with them, to offer them that added value that the digital landscape can offer.”

Why did Bitdefender choose ZoomSphere?

Dinuu“We were using two other complex monitoring and measuring tools for our social media efforts, but when we got the chance to test ZoomSphere, we were quite excited about all the features and possibilities it offered. We needed an integrated solution to help us keep track, monitor and evaluate all our social media activities. So, ZoomSphere came as a simple, effective and amazing tool for our communication needs and objectives for these digital assets”, explains Mirabela Dinu.