The goal of Raiffeisenbank’s social media strategy was to provide the highest quality customer care. It was decided that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn best suited where they needed to be to service their customers online.

We knew that social media would be great for marketing but it was most important that we made it easy for our customers to contact us.

As an organisation Raiffeisenbank is proud of their motto – Inspired by clients. Jakub explains that the bank is motivated by service to their clients, “If we do it for them then we have it in our hearts for a good relationship and great service.” To provide a high level of service the social media team knew that a tool would be essential for comprehensive management. The bank wanted to respond and interact with customers across three profiles, as well as track their activities and report to other departments. It was also important to co-ordinate as a team, with different roles and responsibilities.

In deciding on a solution provider there were other factors that came into play – Czech language support was a priority, the tool had to be feature rich, and it was important for the bank’s community spirit that they support a local startup and entrepreneur. Jakub heard about ZoomSphere after researching the local market and was more interested on hearing it had been implemented by another Czech bank.

The final decision was between ZoomSphere and another very high profile brand. We went with ZoomSphere because of the user interface, functionality, and metrics. The value vs. performance was exactly what we were looking for.

The platform was implemented across Raiffeisenbank’s 24-hour call centre and the uptake of ZoomSphere by staff was easier than anticipated. Staff grasped the software quickly so the transition was smooth and the bank was using the software within days. ZoomSphere allows the bank to generate a specific feed for incoming messages that can be quickly managed and assigned. Jakub and his team now manage and resolve an impressive 90% of queries within 1-2 hours.

The CRM functions are great, one click and we see a user’s profile and history communicating with us so we can be more accurate in our communication.

Raiffeisenbank ZoomSphere

Raiffeisenbank is now creating useful data on the types of customers contacting them online which is in turn being used to improve their messages to them. Naturally ZoomSphere was rolled out to the PR and marketing departments so they could work with the functions for publishing and planning, content to social media. The marketing team is relying on the publishing calendar for planning and organising their work and can also actually collaborate together on content within ZoomSphere.

Built in analytic and comparisons functionality allows the institution to measure their content and interactions against their competitors. Data that is helping them solidify and grow their brand across social media. Using ZoomSphere the bank can easily visualise the impact of their activities and quickly determine strategies to improve.

We work to make our content as relevant as possible – we analyse the real time data ZoomSphere provides on each post and improve our connection with customers.

In its next phase the bank is using ZoomSphere’s monitoring (or listening) feature to notify them when Raiffeisenbank is mentioned across social media. This will allow the relevant team to be highly proactive in their PR and connect with customers as they speak about the bank across Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more. The software has the capacity to alert Jakub each time a conversation about banking is happening on social platforms so that his team can join in to help with their messages. ZoomSphere is giving unprecedented ability for the organisation to organise and manage their communication across their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts; giving their customers the best service possible.

“If you have multiple social profiles to manage and want to perfect your brand’s reputation online then ZoomSphere can help your brand succeed.”


Jakub Černý
Digital Marketing Specialist at Raiffeisenbank