There is a tons of information on the internet and you must choose those that apply to your brand, carefully categorize, store and evaluate them.

Thanks to ZoomSphere you can mine those data, automatically sort and label it, stored them in reports and use the statistics to evaluate them in comprehensible charts. How to do it? Just like that:

Catch ‘em All

Connected Profiles

Listen to all the relevant channels and especially those of your own! Add all your brands fan page and listen.

 Facebook Tagged manual 600x600

With comments and visitor posts you will be familiar while you have been answering, labelling and tagging them directly in Customer Care module. In ZoomSphere are data shared across the modules. Once it is labelled, it will be labelled all across the ZoomSphere and so the job is done.

Reviews may not be missing in the statistics, because it is a space intended for the people’s, who have already used your services/products.

Do you know when are people talking about your brand the most? Yes! When they slander/praise you in front of the others. Our brand-new feature tagged is made just for this purpose! Tagged searching for your brand at Users Timeline as well and you can collect also the mentions that was not addressed directly to you.

External Profile

External Profile tab might not bring you mentions about your brand, nevertheless you can add pages of your competitors and search for the information from all around your segment. You can get an idea of how you stand against your competitors. At the same time try to find errors and shortcomings of your competitors and fulfilled desires of their fans.


Last but not least, it is important to connect also the Search function and browse the sites, forums or blogs, because you can find a tons of mentions there as well! You should care about the Twitter, because you are interested in what the professionals says. Once you are interested in the view of Google employees, add G+ also! 🙂
Use basic operators such as AND [space] OR [|] EXCLUDE [!] And create query using parentheses [()] or quotation marks [“”]. I would suggest to add a word instead of excluding one 😉


Would you like to learn more about our monitoring? Don’t worry, we are working on more how to tiny guides 🙂

Feel free to try our monitoring at and don’t worry to contact me whatever, directly at 😉