See It All

After the significant changes back in autumn 2018, we put the final touches to Publisher and designed it to be the trending marketing tool that current marketers wish for the most. You can see the header changed, new icons are added, and the preview of the planned post is now way much better visible and transparent.

For the very first sight, you can newly see what exactly your post contains. Without opening a concrete thing, you know whether it is a single picture, photo album, video or carousel on a Facebook, Instagram and so on. In the case of the carousel, you also can click through all the images and check them right away 🖼

The preview in calendar allows you to go through a video in a post just by mouse hover. Keep it there for a while, and you’ll see a couple of pictures from it. Since now you will have perfect track of all the content just via seeing the calendar.

Do More in Fewer Steps

Every click counts, and there is no need to overuse the mouse, right? So we also added other possibilities to work with the post without opening it and scrolling down. Do you want to edit it, remove or newly also duplicate? Well, click on new context menu in the right corner of every post and choose the action you wish to do. Easy peasy, lemon squeeze 🍋🍋🍋

Last but not least at the list of changes is enhanced responsiveness on mobile phones or tablets. To manage the social media anytime and anywhere wasn’t ever more comfortable 📲

See all the changes and new features within the Publisher.

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“Technology and social media have brought power back to the people.”

Mark McKinnon