But from the other hand, have you wondered how do they engage their users, what type of content they publish, or in other words, how do they manage their own social media channels? Being in a middle of March, let’s have a look over how they performed in February

Top agencies by numer of fans on Facebook

The undisputed leader of the ranking is SID LEE on the first place, outclassing rivals with 97 562 fans on Facebook. This is 79% more than second in the stake, Geometry Global with 19 535 fans and 97% more than Dorst&Lesser, closing the ranking with only 2558 fans.

Top agencies by number of new fans

SID LEE is also outstanding in a number of newly acquired fans with phenomenal number of 1502 within only February. Second, MediaMonks with 209 acquired and third, Geometry Global with 123, are not even close to the result of SID LEE. Last in a stake is Khanna \ Reidinga with only 16 new fans acquired.

Top agencies by number of interactions

There are no real Facebook community without the user’s interactions. In this case, surprisingly, SID LEE with result of 975, is second to MediaMonks who took outstandingly first place with 7 994 interactions. Third place has been achieved by IMA with 422 interactions. The ranking has been closed by SUE Amsterdam with only 75 interactions.

Let’s have a look over through the best content by number of interactions


Best Facebook posts by type of reaction

Pride, joy and happiness of achieved goal is always the type of content that users react very emotively. MediaMonks being proud of their huge achievement becoming the first certified Google DoubleClick Marketing Partner, completely took over this ranking, making their post top LOVE, top WOW, top HAHA, top SAD and top ANGRY at the same time.


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