Easter is mainly the time we usually spend with our families, eating, drinking and remembering traditions. The symbols of the holiday are mostly bunnies, eggs, egg hunting, chocolate, and the spring mood all around. But it doesn't mean that this time is profitable only for sweets producers. Click To Tweet

1. #IfCarlsbergDid (2016)

World brewery Carlsberg is a world brewery company which didn’t get scared at the “chocolate holiday”, and prepared a great campaign in this time of the year as well. The idea was simple – the whole campaign was built on #IfCarlsbergDid, and as Easter is also a big beer-drinking season for the brand, they came up with this ridiculous idea “If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bar”. Due to that, the company created an eatable bar outside the Old Truman Brewery in London’s Shoreditch. The bar was five meters wide, three meters high and two meters deep. And yes, the beer here was also served on a chocolate glass. Can you think of a better combination?

2. The Co-operative Eggsperiment (2016)

The Co-operative Food launched their campaign back in 2016 with the focus on eggs, as you would suppose, but in a totally different way than usual. The company kicked off the campaign called Good Egg with the aim to support people in doing good or celebrate the “good eggs” around them. Via using hidden cameras, they recorded “eggsperiments” in which random people helped total strangers. Those eight videos were uploaded on social media, immediately grabbed the public’s attention with the sweet idea of celebrating small acts of random kindness (even towards total strangers).

3. The Best Or The Worst By Cadbury (2017)

This one is a special one you either love for the joke or hate for the misunderstanding. Cadbury Chocolate Eggs are nothing new, and you can find them in the supermarkets all year long. And it makes sense that in time of Easter, the business is on its top and the promotion goes for Cadbury Easter Eggs. But one year the things went strangely wrong – the company dropped the word “Easter” from its egg hunt event.

What’s so wrong about it? Well, let’s see. From previous “Easter Egg Trail”,the event was titled “Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt” on some promotional material. And here goes all the attention and publicity. Sure, every publicity is good for the brand, although at some point even Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, called the campaign “absolutely ridiculous”, the Archbishop of York said the company was “spitting on the grave” of founder John Cadbury and Jeremy Corbyn.

4. Sainsbury’s “Ultimate Egg Rolling Machine” (2017)

This one is simply entertaining, both for kids and adults, who immediately rediscover their childish part. Sainsbury’s campaign #nevergrowingup was trying to encourage children to be innovative this Easter, and with help from British inventor Tom Lawton inspired them to “never grow up”. In the video, Lawton and his sons are building an “Ultimate Egg Rolling Machine” – something every child dreams about. The video was shared on social media together with other how-to video featuring all Tom’s secret egg rolling tips and tricks. I have to say, I definetely want to try one of these this year too!🎢

5. Marmite Eggs (2015)

To be honest, I don’t like Marmite at all, and it would be probably the last thing I wanted to eat on Easter (or any other holiday). But after seeing this campaign, even somebody like me was curious to try it. The brand stands under a company Unilever, which was successful with its Magnum or Cornetto Easter eggs, so they asked themselves why not to try their luck with other products too? So they did, and the Marmite egg was born. It is really filled with the famous (both hated and loved) spread and surprisingly made it through, so it is going to be in the sale this year again.

Besides that, Unilever launched in that year one more “special” egg, a Pot Noodle egg. Yes, we know. Pot Noodle? However this egg wasn’t filled with any kind of Asian dish, only packaged with a branded mug. But still, who thinks Easter are not an occasion for Asian food, right?

6. Giant Hen In Asda (2016)

Let’s get back to truly Easter campaigns. Asda, a grocery store, went on the full chocolate path on Easter 2016. Their communication started with a statement that they were selling over 20 million chocolate eggs in their stores. And how they can produce so many? Well, that’s easy of course – they need a giant hen delivering fresh chocolate eggs. Simple, yet so sweet idea captured the real atmosphere of Easter, reminding me of Santa Claus and his elves making Christmas presents.

7. Kafer’s Clever Joke (2003)

Let’s finish the list with simply great and smart creative made for Easter. The golden bunnies from Kafer Confectionery are one of the most typical candies in this time of year, and just seeing them has to tune anyone in the perfect Easter mood. Mixing chocolate with a touch of humor is guaranteed success, isn’t it?

“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”

Jay Baer, Convince & Convert