Has the coronavirus crisis caused your business to slow?..

Now that lockdowns are being slowly lifted you may be confused about the best sales strategy to follow. Should you go with heavy discounts or is there a better way to approach the new normal?

In this article we give tips and advice on the best areas to focus your marketing efforts and get more sales.

Increasing Revenue

Let’s face it – after enduring months of dwindling income, most businesses need to start generating more revenue NOW. But how is this achieved without permanently undercutting your competitors prices?

Let’s cut to the chase – here’s some of the advertising tactics you can use to try and encourage purchases immediately:

Money back guarantees – If you have total confidence in your products or service offer a 7 day money back guarantee. This will help to push those customers considering a purchase to make the final decision.

Use time limited sales – From adding a countdown timer on your website, to publishing offer ads on Facebook, highlighting a limited time aspect to any sale will definitely encourage purchases. It also means that your products are only on sale for a brief period of time rather than permanently lowered.

Sell discounted gift cards – Rather than just cutting prices, why not offer a gift card deal? For example, you could sell a $50 gift card for $40 and customers could use this card at any time during the next 12 months. This tactic is an alternative to individual product offers and can get revenue into the business quickly. It may be particularly effective as an email offer for existing customers who already know your products or service.

Focus on FOMO – Scarcity sells. By highlighting that stock is low or there is high demand for your products, customers are more likely to buy from you. Use scarcity messaging in social posts and adverts – for example: ‘We had x number of purchases in the last 24 hours’, ‘You just missed it. Sold out. Back in stock tomorrow’, ‘Bestseller – last few available’.

Using scarcity makes products more desirable and taps into the audience’s FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Free Lead Magnets – Offer something free and relevant to your target audience and promote it via Facebook ads. Lists work well – e.g. a health food company could offer ‘The 50 healthiest recipes in the world – click to download’, or a cyber security firm could say ‘Full list of data breaches in 2020 – have your details been stolen? Find out for free’.

To access the free lead magnet, an email address should be required (with consent). You can then use email marketing to advertise your paid products to these customers. Email has higher click rates and conversion rates than social media.

Leads Generation campaign

(If you choose to use Facebook or Instagram Lead Ads to collect email addresses, then the ZoomSphere Lead Manager App is very useful and FREE to try!)

While these tactics can be used on social media and paid adverts, it’s essential that your persuasion architecture flows seamlessly – this basically means ensuring that the website, landing page, or product page you are redirecting to displays the same key message as the original post.

Enhance Customer Support

Community management tool
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Longer term, boosting customer support is a surefire way to increase revenue. The coronavirus crisis has simply accelerated the rush to go online, and having a single website contact point is no longer enough.

Businesses now need to be prepared to answer customer enquiries on any platform the client chooses. This means having a Facebook and Twitter presence as an absolute minimum. But if you are serious about generating more purchases, then your company really needs to be available on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

While you may be concerned about the time investment required for messaging platforms, worry not… you can easily set up automated responses to your customers most frequently asked questions!

This should include topics such as business hours, delivery times, how to order, and where to go to get an immediate response to their questions (email/phone/Twitter etc). 

Of course, it’s also possible to get messages from all channels routed into a single dashboard, making customer support ultra easy and organised.

Target Existing Customers

Retaining existing customers is 5 times cheaper than attracting new clients. Encouraging these customers to make additional purchases is a simple way to boost revenue at a low-cost.

Here’s 3 key ways this can be achieved:

  • Use social media remarketing adverts – Installing a Facebook Pixel on your website will allow you to remarket to previous website visitors on Facebook and Instagram. Remarketing campaigns generate a better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the short term.
  • Online tutorials & consultations – In-person events are still likely to be prohibited during the pandemic. Use Facebook or Instagram Live to take consultations and tutorials online. By providing additional value for free, customers are likely to increase their brand loyalty and the probability of further purchases increases (especially if paid products and services are briefly mentioned during the live broadcast).
  • Say thank you – Appealing to human emotions is effective. Send a personalised email or Facebook remarketing ad simply saying thank you for being a customer. Add a 10% discount voucher to show your appreciation.

All of these remarketing tactics will help to keep customers connected to your business, reducing the likelihood of them leaving to try a competitors services.

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