Altogether 41 countries participated in singing contest Eurovision to find the best performer of 2019. As the show runs this week, online conversations are growing and the social media pages of individual participants too. So we decided to analyze who is the “winner” on Facebook and Instagram or how did the contest affected singers accounts.

Eurovision in 2019

Tens of not only European countries, tens of millions viewers behind television and even more later on YouTube – Eurovision has its long tradition (since 1956) and also in 2019 it isn’t lacking a huge portion of popularity.

Monitoring of web and social media mentions “Eurovision” showing the uprising trend.
source – ZoomSphere monitoring tool

As you can see, the buzz around Eurovision is great in the online world, and as the semi-finals and final round were approaching, the “Eurovision” mentions grew. The data from ZoomSphere monitoring tool are showing mentions from 1st of April, collecting all content with the keyword “Eurovision” from the most most significant web sources in Europe.

Social Media Winner

To the Saturday’s final round 26 finalists were qualified by people’s vote together with national juries (+ the Big Five). Here you can see all of the lucky ones, moreover the ✅ sign means, if they are both in the final and in the top 26 on Facebook or Instagram according to the size of their fanbase. Long story short, 22 of them succeeded in both “worlds” and only 4 get to the final round without having a high number of followers online.

  • Katerine Duska – GREECE ✅
  • Zena – BELARUS ✅
  • Nevena Božović – SERBIA ✅
  • Tamta – CYPRUS ✅
  • Victor Crone – ESTONIA
  • Lake Malawi – CZECH REPUBLIC ✅
  • Kate Miller-Heidke – AUSTRALIA ✅
  • Hatari – ICELAND
  • Serhat – SAN MARINO ✅
  • Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – SLOVENIA ✅
  • Tamara Todevska – NORTH MACEDONIA ✅
  • Duncan Laurence – THE NETHERLANDS ✅
  • Jonida Maliqi – ALBANIA ✅
  • John Lundvik – SWEDEN ✅
  • Sergey Lazarev – RUSSIA ✅
  • Chingiz – AZERBAIJAN ✅
  • Leonora – DENMARK
  • Luca Hänni – SWITZERLAND ✅
  • Michela – MALTA ✅

The most significant support on Facebook and Instagram before the semi-finals had performers on images below and here is the thing, the success on social media seems to be almost equal of success in the competition (when you take together both Facebook and Instagram TOP 26 accounts by fans).

Top 26 Facebook accounts by the number of fans on 13th of May.
source – ZoomSphere analytics tool
Top 20 Instagram accounts by the number of fans on 13th of May.
source – ZoomSphere analytics tool

Besides that, it is evident that in time of the contest, the activity on participants account will grow. And it really did! Here you can see the uprising frequency of content shared on social media,.

The number of published posts on Facebook between 1st of April up to now.
source – ZoomSphere comparison tool

Social Media Fanbase = Voting Fanbase?

One of the most interesting insights of the predictability is a number of interactions showing the real-time support by his or her fans. According to this, the top 3 singers of 2019 should be on Facebook – Michela from Malta, Pápai Joci from Hungary and Mahmood from Italy. On Instagram it is – Sergey Lazarev from Russia, Mahmood from Italy and MIKI from Spain.

Whose Fan Page has the biggest number of interactions?
source – ZoomSphere comparison module
Amount of interactions on participants Instagram accounts.
source – ZoomSphere comparison module

How much the fans and followers have an impact on real results, we’ll see this weekend. Up to now, we can say the influence is here (Obama or Trump in their presidential campaign), a great, recent example could be presidential elections in Slovakia (recently we did a report here).

What do you think of the connection between social media and the real results? Do you believe in such strenght of it? 😉 Here you can follow the real time data of all Eurovision participants for 2019.