What was the online world talking about in 2018? Facebook prepared a report showing the most increasing topics among its users to help marketers were their campaigns one step ahead. Let’s see, which trends were formed last year and will strengthen in 2019.

At the end of the year, Facebook has released a new, 33-page report, which is showing the key trends of 2018. The Social Network put together those topics that have seen significant increases in discussion volume last year, and they look to become even more significant in the next year 📈

Facebook analyzed billions of conversations with the aim to tell marketers about how to plan for a year ahead. The final report is divided into seven distinct categories: Beauty & Fashion, Commerce, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Mind & Body, Science & Technology and Travel & Leisure.

“In The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ, we share insights on the many topics of conversation that grew on Facebook in 2018 and what they suggest will matter in the year ahead. By understanding which topics are seeing growth on our platform, marketers can anticipate potential shifts in the world around us, including the foods people eat, products they buy, media they consume, physical activities they engage in and ways they spend their time,”

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2018 In Data

According to Facebook, a few macro trends appeared across the categories. Eco-consciousness is one the strongest and touches the field of beauty, fashion and travel. People seem so to care more about the functional benefits of specific ingredients when it comes to food, and we can now see the decentralization of traditional models in things like exercise, shopping or screen time.

And what was the topics across the main categories?👇👇👇

Beauty & Fashion

2018 was a year of Korean cosmetics. The business around K-Beauty grows to $13.1 billion thanks to both the Korean innovation and customers curiosity. That trend also caused a wave of Korean online beauty tutorials (along with a mass export of K-pops videos) in which influencers demonstrate how to use those products.

Another fashion trend of last year were prints – the pattern of Monstera deliciosa, snakeskin or zebra. And lastly, it is also a “greenway” of both the products we put into our bodies as well as on our bodies. Customers are seeking organic ingredients and as an opposite discussed harmful chemicals and plastics.


“Reduce, reuse and recycle”. Even the world of commerce is taking the side of sustainability. People don’t want to waste that much anymore, and reusable materials are coming to the fore. Customers are seeking everyday eco-products and circular economy – here we can find a new term Freeganism which is an ideology centered around reducing consumption by recovering wasted goods, such as clothing and sustainable fashion.

Very interestingly sounds “Selfie Selling” as another trend in commerce. That is connected with uprising influencer marketing and social shopping.

“At J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, we see platforms across the globe that enable influencers—or just brand fans—to create live videos, clips and visual content based on their style. And they can accompany these with links to e-commerce or embeddable shopping features, making them instantly shoppable on anything from mobile devices to smart TVs. This behavior is a sign of how Millennials and members of Gen Z are growing up thinking of themselves as brands, using social media to promote their curated identities and finding ways to monetize their selfies,” comments Lucie Greene, Global Director at The Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence


Within the entertainment, horror formats spread across the whole branch. Not even that a horror movie won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, also some of the scariest movies ever are being made, and the comics culture is affected by the genre. Besides that, people mind about a high-quality and smart sound in all kinds of media. Another mentioned trend is tech-fueled escapism connected to games such Twitch or Fortnite.

Food & Drink

And here we go with a favourite category of food and drinks. The last trends are showing that people tend to add multicultural tastes into their local cuisine. International food is popular mainly among millennials and younger, even kids. The foods of significant interest were Calabaza (West Indian pumpkin), Caldo de Pollo (Mexican chicken soup), and Tiropita (Greek egg-and-cheese dish).

The food but get another a slightly different twist than we were used to among foodies. Not only the taste matters nowadays, but also the healthy aspect. For example, traditional soul foods are innovated with a healthy aspect or vegetable-based alternatives. And lastly, bread is going through a renaissance after a whole glutenfree epidemic. Food start-ups are demonstrating the fact, that not all bread is bad they are using processes like “slow carb baking” or slow natural fermenting.

Mind & Body

Self-care is a hot issue and wellness is becoming a new commercial category. In this field, people look for ingredients achieving specific results for their health, mainly Eucalyptus Radiata, Kimchi or Turmeric. The work is an important part of our life, the pressure on the amount of done job and productivity is higher than ever. That’s why the seeking for life, work or productivity hacks was strong last year and will be this year as well.

People care about the way they feel, and how is their body working. In this matter, well-discussed topics were also detoxification, intermittent fasting, and self-care.

Science & Technology

Technology keeps on becoming a constantly bigger part of our society, for example in the US, 64% of people play video games. 64%! 🤯 The world of gaming is expanding rapidly, and the console is any longer the only device to play with. People are visiting the digital and virtual world, and the conversation is aiming to terms compositing, palette, and display resolution, all used to describe the color and feel of digital displays.

The displays are another huge topic within the category and screens are spreading out all over the world, from our smartphones to stationary bicycle. Of course, we can’t forget about the space race, which is after quite a long time again on the table.

Travel & Leisure

The adventure is a trend and spending time outside exercising is what people enjoy the most currently. Nature and wilderness are more attractive than all inclusive holidays at the sea. That’s why the trending topics were glamping, via Ferrata and zip line.

From a bit different point of view, another sort of popular activities can be called “California Dreaming” – in other words, activities such as beach soccer, paddleboarding, and wakesurfing.

For those of us, who don’t live near the ocean, sea or mountains, the last section could make the most sense – urban gyms are also getting on its popularity more and more. Outdoor activities are still on the top, this time in the shape of workout playgrounds, parkour, and freerunning exercise.

Are you interested in reading the whole report? You can find it here. We’ll see which trends will keep on growing and which will be only a seasonal thing. Either way, all of them sound pretty interesting, don’t they? 🤩

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