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Facebook Began Testing a New Facebook Stories to Instagram Cross-Posting Feature

In recent years, it has been evident that Facebook has started to introduce its identity into its other truly popular app, Instagram. As of 2017, there is the ability to share Instagram stories on Facebook. Also, Facebook has already glued the “Instagram from Facebook”  tittle screen to the launch phase of the photo-sharing app and added the “Open Facebook” button to its settings menu. Now, Facebook has begun testing a new option to share your Facebook Story on Instagram in posting settings, which could make it easier for you to maintain activity on both platforms and expand the domain of your Stories.

As you can see in this example, shared by app reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, you can activate this option with a simple switch to enable cross-posting of Facebook Stories on Instagram, in your Facebook Stories visibility options. There are also icons on the “Share to Story” button, including that it will be posted to both.

A Facebook spokesperson confirms to TechCrunch that the company is now testing the cross-posting feature to help share moments with people that matter to you because people can have different audiences and followers on Instagram and Facebook. He said the company will continue to explore options to streamline and streamline how stories work through its applications. That means it is out of the internal-only prototyping phase and is now being tested with users in the wild.

If this option would be fully adapted to the needs of users and launched, cross-posting function can save time to managers of social media and the users, yet allow them to maximize displays of the content that they create. Also, this feature can help the two platforms synchronize the status of previously viewed stories, and avoid showing to people an exact copy of the ones they have already seen on another platform.

However, people should also be careful with cross-sharing content across platforms, as results can vary from platform to platform. Frames may not look the same on both platforms, and polls and similar tools may have different formats.

Identity Issues or Customer Care?

Considering that Instagram is owned by Facebook, as well as the level of current synchronization of two platforms, this seems like a logical continuation of the story. Further synchronization seems inevitable, especially from a Facebook perspective. Naturally, the company wants to be recognized behind its successful products, as well as pouring that success into its other products as much as possible.

Either way, this feature can bring a lot of positive things to users as well as professional social network managers, if implemented properly and thoroughly.