Facebook, in conjunction with the Sephora makeup brand, is developing a new program that allows users to easily see their points and rewards from brands within the Facebook application. Sephora will soon begin piloting this project in the United States, Facebook said.

What Are the Benefits of This Linking Option?

The new functionality allows users to link their rewards accounts to their Facebook account. That means that Facebook will enable brands to use Facebook Ads with members of their platform loyalty program, using Custom Audiences to target those who have previously created profiles with the business. These ads will include a “Link Account” CTA, which allows the user to link their brand and Facebook account.

Affiliates will be able to track the status of their brand loyalty account through the Facebook app. Also, it is possible to earn points for their platform activity, member discounts, and have any points for online shopping linked back to their customer ID.

This option also allows brands to reach customers who have already purchased with them to display personalized information, such as points or rewards, in a relatively frictionless way. In addition to targeting active, loyal members, brands can re-engage with past customers by using dynamic, personalized ads and organic promotions as part of the program.

It is worth noting that the user must agree to Facebook’s data policy when linking accounts. Brands would also need to make some adjustments to ensure that data passing through the platform complies with privacy regulations.

An Option for Mutual Satisfaction

This option is still in the testing phase and is not widely available on Facebook yet. But given the general trend of increasingly popular online shopping and development of social commerce, this option will surely find a good response from users, and especially brands. Everyone from their angle receives significant benefits that they can reap. One for more accessible and more convenient online shopping and the other for the most efficient marketing of their products and business growth.