Our watch is over, and the internet is talking (almost only) about the finale of Game of Thrones. And the reactions are wide. While some can’t stand the twisted fate of their heroes, others appreciate the surprising ending. No matter what side you take, the fanbase of the show is getting bigger, and Game of Thrones earned the highest amount of interactions a show can wish for. Let’s see what achievement GoT reached on Facebook while examining its social media communication in the last couple of weeks.

photo source: HBO

GoT Phenomenon

You can’t name much bigger tv show than Game of Thrones currently is (meaning both the size of audience and budget), which also had no problem letting the fans waiting two years for new series and arouses such huge reactions. To compare GoT within the “field of business”, only two shows seems to have more fans.

Game of Thrones compared to another 14 successful current series.
source: ZoomSphere comparison tool

At the moment, all the attention really goes only to Game of Thrones as the Facebook interactions show pretty clearly.

Interactions on Pages.
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The show (based on A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George Martin) runs till 2011, having together 8 seasons and 73 episodes. It also wins a couple of the most prestigious awards and during the time broke several tv broadcasting and filming records.

Game of Fans

The community on social media was and is built pretty solidly in case of Game of Thrones (causing both good and bad reactions like demanding to remake the final season). We are going to take a look at how the fanbase grew in time, what the communication looked like during broadcasting last season and what reactions the show received from their fans 👇

GoT became very quickly highly popular, and its popularity grew with the show. Let’s see the growth since 2015 (5th season, ending by killing Jon) up to now. The series achieved almost 10 million new Facebook fans, making it 2 million per season on average!

The growth of Game of Thrones fanbase since January 2015.
source: ZoomSphere comparison tool

The show finale brought extremely huge attention, and only in the last 2 months GoT added more than 800 000 new fans. Not bad, is it?

Game of Thrones fans in the last two months.
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Fans Reactions

As shown up, when comparing with other series, Game of Thrones is very successful in the case of interactions by fans. The show causes a full scale of emotions, and especially the very last season was full of expectations, both fulfilled and unfulfilled. While the internet is split into “love” and “hate” the finale, the fans on Facebook appear to be satisfied according to the reactions. Likes are on the top traditionally, followed by love, wow, sad, haha, and lastly angry.

Reactions by Type on Game of Thrones between 20th March and 20th May 2019.
source: ZoomSphere comparison tool

The biggest interactions on the Page came with showing official poster for the final battles less than two weeks before the premiere on 2nd April. It’s also a post with the biggest number of Likes (225 516), Loves (62627) and Wowes (30535). All together, it makes 320K reactions and 79K shares between 20th March up to now. Well, one more wow here 😲

Post with most Likes, Loves and Wowes.
source: ZoomSphere comparison tool

The saddest (21127) reaction had, obviously, the post-finale video with protagonist saying goodbye to the show. The fans were angriest (3843) when seeing the teaser of the final episode.

Game of Thrones post with the biggest number of Sad reactions between 20th March and 20th May 2019.
Teaser for the last episode received the most Angry reactions.
The list of most successful posts by the type of reaction.
source: ZoomSphere comparison tool

The numbers are still growing, and we are pretty sure the buzz will continue for a while. No matter if you are satisfied with the ending or not, we have to give Game of Thrones the credit of turning into a huge giant both on the screens and social media.

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