Jakub, founder of Zoomsphere here!

Recently I was thinking more deeply about the ways ZoomSphere fits into the workflows of brands and digital agencies that use us. Our Customer Care module is great for teams that work closely together. Any message, comment, or reply, that you receive across any of your connected social media channels can be delivered to one place in ZoomSphere. The team is notified each time and the best person replies, with the best response. Fast and easy.

But what if you need a reply from someone who is not in your Customer Care team, or doesn’t have access to ZoomSphere? Do you call them? Send an external email?

A phone call can work, but it may need further action, or even go unanswered. Email means you have to make sure all the team have a dedicated email account, they will also need to switch platforms each time too which delays replies. Worst of all, your emails aren’t archived by ZoomSphere but with your email client.

There is happily another solution! Try using Notes in your Customer Care module!

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