A phone call can work, but it may need further action, or even go unanswered. Email means you have to make sure all the team have a dedicated email account, they will also need to switch platforms each time too which delays replies. Worst of all, your emails aren’t archived by ZoomSphere but with your email client.

There is happily another solution! Try using Notes in your Customer Care module!

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1. Create a standard ZoomSphere account for all the external contacts you’ll need to collaborate with on your replies. Fill in the details and click ‘Create User’.

Don’t send the activation link!
(i.e. do not click INVITE)

2. Click SET PRIVILEGES to give them rights to your Customer Care module. This way they can only way they can get access to be assigned to messages or tagged in Notes. (Hint: Make sure the correct workspace is checked!)

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3. Make sure they have their profile checked in your Customer Care module settings.

ZoomSphere Social Media Tool

4. When an incoming message needs work from someone outside your team simply create a Note and use the @ symbol with their name to let me them know they’re needed, and click SEND.

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All mentions generate notification emails like below …

ZoomSphere Social Media Tool

And it gets better! When the person you mentioned in the note checks their email, they can reply directly from their email and the replies are displayed inline in the ZoomSphere feed in the your Customer Care module!

So from your perspective, you create a note and get a new note from your external contact; from your contact’s perspective, they get an email and reply to an email. Cool, huh? So both parties stay can within their preferred system.

I hope you like my hack my of our Customer Care module to make working with ZoomSphere faster and easier, I’ll bring you more soon.


Jakub Mach