What is this dark post and why should you pay attention to it? Or if you are already familiar with this social media marketing term, you will be maybe interested in the way how ZoomSphere can newly work with it. Let’s go together through the most updated practice right away! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

As it may sound like a bad thing, dark posts are actually very handy and practically a daily bread to social media marketers. If you prefer, Facebook called it unpublished post as well. And that is also the main meaning of that term.

The dark post is an unpublished post on Page made in Ads Manager, and its aim is only to advertise. In other words, dark posts are all those you created as “sponsored”, but your fans can’t see them on your Page or in their feed (unlike boosted or organic posts).

It is exactly the “invisibility” on Page, why they are so useful for marketers. And there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, your feed isn’t overfull by ads, your competition won’t see what kind of advertising are you using and works for you and finally you can target or test (A/B) your ads as you wish and reach a specific group of people.

How to Create a Dark Post

You don’t have to be Darth Vader to create dark posts (I know, it’s a cheap joke 🙈😅). Most probably you already did it in the past. There are actually two ways to do so 👇

Firstly you can start preparing your campaign as you are used to. Go to Ads Manager and choose to Create a new one. After you click through all the settings you get to Identity, select option Create Ad. And at this moment you are creating a dark post.

Secondly, you go again to Business Manager but instead of Ads Manager, choose Page Posts. Click the Create Post button and start to prepare the ad type of post and its specification. After that, you have to select that the post will be only used as an ad and won’t appear on the Page. This way you have you dark post, but not published yet! But after creating it, you can copy the post ID and use again back in Ads Manager (and use it as an Existing Post).

Never Miss Any of Your Dark Posts

Even though it is mainly the advantage, once you don’t see the dark posts on Page, you can easily lose track, what is going on with them. We are fully aware of its importance, so that’s why we recently added a super important update to ZoomSphere Customer Care Module.


The comments under any Dark posts are fully supported by the module and will appear directly in the comments queue in CC Module. There is only one limitation you should bear in mind – just dark posts comments not older than 7 days will be synced in CC module. No older.    

Dark Posts Across Social Media Platforms

Although Facebook came up with the idea, dark posts exist across all the major social media platforms. On Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, you can choose to share organic, boosted organic or the dark post. In the case of Instagram and Snapchat, all the ads are dark posts by default.