Do you want to get featured on the Explore page on Instagram but not sure? For starters, the ‘Explore’ page on Instagram was introduced in 2012. And in the present day, it has become a valuable platform for businesses to get more followers, make posts viral, attract potential customers, and increase audience engagement. 

So how do you do that? We will tell you.  

How Does Instagram Explore Work?

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It’s obvious that in order to get into the Explore page, you need to know how it works. We’ll explain this in distinct and concise points below:

  • The explore page is unique to every user. What you see in your Explore page is different than what your friend sees in theirs.
  • You only see posts by people you don’t follow in the Explore page, as posts from those you follow are already on your main feed.
  • Instagram’s explore page will show you posts that it believes will interest you the most. It selects such posts based on your past activity, i.e. types of posts you interact with most, as well as posts that are liked or viewed by people you follow.

So the bottom line is that the Algorithm will analyze a lot of your activity and behaviors on Instagram. It then selects posts that you are most likely to be interested in, but only from accounts that you are not following.

Do You See How This Benefits Businesses?

If your post gets into the Explore page, it will get exposed to thousands of users who don’t follow or don’t know about your business page on Instagram. So, if these users like what you’ve posted, you can potentially amass hundreds, even thousands of potential customers with just a single post!

 This may not immediately increase your sales or revenue, but it will significantly increase your customer base and your online reach and visibility.

Now that you’ve understood how the Explore page works and how it can serve as a powerful marketing technique, you might be getting eager and excited to see your posts on Instagram Explore. So without further ado, we’ll dive straight into the topic at hand.

How to Get Your Posts Featured on Instagram Explore?

There are several different ways to convince Instagram’s Algorithm to feature your posts on other people’s Explore page. Let’s check out.

Create high engagement on your posts from your followers.

Facebook engagement

There’s a simple logic behind this point – if your followers are not that interested in your posts, why would those that don’t follow you be interested in?

So the first thing you need to do is start building solid audience engagement, not just on a specific post but on as many posts as you can. Here are some tips on how you can make your followers interact more on your posts:

  • Content is king. Your posts should always be focused on relevant, quality, content.
  • Reply to people who comment on your posts. It makes them feel appreciated and helps you to build a personal connection with your audience.
  • Follow back your followers; like and comment on their posts. It makes them feel that you are not just demanding their attention but also giving them your attention in return.

Have a clear picture of your target audience.

Instagram hashtags
How using #Hashtags can help you gain the required limelight.

As we mentioned before, the Explore page will feature posts that the Algorithm considers interesting for the user. So, you must have a target audience in mind whose Explore feed you want to get into. For example, if your posts are based on cooking/baking, your target audience will be people who are interested in this niche.

Once you know what type of audience you want to target, you can craft your posts based on what they like to see. Also, you can check out your own explore feed to see what types of posts are going viral in the same category. It will give you a better idea about what type of content will work best for your target audience.

Use Hashtags and captions to your advantage.

Having popular hashtags on your post will improve the chances of getting into the Explore page. Using relevant hashtags will allow users outside your followers’ list to find your posts. If your posts are viewed by many users who don’t follow you, the Algorithm will consider your post as interesting and engaging. Thus, that post will likely appear on the Explore feed of more people who share similar interests.

The captions on your posts are also very important. You can use captions to drive your followers to interact more. For example, consider a travel-niche post with a caption that asks “Which is your favorite holiday destination? Let us know in the comments!” This will likely generate a lot of comments from travel enthusiasts who will share their experiences. You can even reply to their comments (as we mentioned in the first point) to further increase engagement.

So using popular hashtags and witty captions is also a great way to get your posts on Instagram Explore.

Try to get popular influencers or brands to collaborate with your posts.

This method is very effective, but also difficult and time-consuming. To get popular influencers to either interact or collaborate with you, you’ll need to build a close relationship with them. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Pick out a few influencers and brands that are related to your niche.
  • Follow them, interact on their posts, and slowly try to get in contact with them through DMs.
  • Ask them if they’d be interested to check out your posts, be it for some advice and suggestions.
  • In the case of brands, you can include their products or services in the content of your post and then request them to check it out.

Combine all these little things, and you can build a cordial relation with a few brands and influencers. Even if one of them gets in close contact with you, that can be a huge boost for you. And that is when you finally request them if they’d like to interact on your posts or collaborate with you.

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics!

Facebook analytics could reveal the hidden!

All the four points we have mentioned so far are difficult to follow through without some specific data.

How many of your followers interact with your posts regularly? Which of your posts got the most likes and comments? Most importantly, are some of your posts already on the Explore page of some users without you knowing?

You can get all these answers from your analytics. If you don’t know already, you can access the analytic data for your posts from the ‘View Insights’ option below your posts. You can also view the overall insights for your entire business account on Instagram from your profile page.

Some Final Notes

Getting your posts featured in the Explore page requires you to understand how Instagram’s algorithm works and how you can tweak it for your advantage. That’s why we explained the way the Algorithm selects posts to be displayed on different users’ Explore page.

However, keep in mind that it’s something that takes time, requires a lot of strategizing and improvising. So the one thing you should absolutely avoid is to rush things expecting quick results. 

We hope that this guide will assist you in getting your posts featured on Instagram Explore, thus bringing you more followers and potential customers.

Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below. We will be back again with more insights on social media, till then, stay tuned!