Whether you want your freelancer/agency/employee to take care of your business social media accounts or you need someone to fix a problem – access to your social media account must be provided after due diligence. 

Simply because, if they have your email id and password, they can kick you out from your own account. On the same lines, if you provide them with the full admin access, they might even snatch your business page from you. 

But the good news is that you can prevent all this from happening. How, you ask? 

Let’s hop right in.

What Is The Danger Of Sharing Account Credentials For Social Media? 

Here are the issues you can run in when you share social account credentials:

Password Compromise

Sharing the password of your social media account cannot only cost you the page, but this can also provide the other person with access to all other accounts, especially if you reuse the same password on different platforms.

  • Misuse of social account

People with a high level of access, like administrative credentials, or developer access, are likely to share their credentials with coworkers. Not only this, but even privileged users can also go rogue and misuse the information in the social accounts. According to a report by Forrester, a corporate security breach is a big issue in at least 80% of cases.

  • Stored information

Your social media has a lot of accounts to handle nowadays, which means they will at least save some of their usernames and passwords in e-wallet like password vaults online. This is a shortcut that can make your entire account exposed to risk from cybersecurity attacks.

  • Single sign-on

A single corporate account can be used to give access to a lot of other accounts at the same time, so the users don’t have to give separate access to different accounts. This is a convenient practice that can lead up to a lot of potential issues. 

  • Bring your own device

Many employees will bring their personal devices to work, which are authorized to access various media accounts. This is to increase the productivity of the team. However, these devices are used by many other people from friends and family. This leaves you open to having your accounts being compromised.

  • Network insecurity

Employees can transfer their files to home devices, and send a file which contains a shared work password. This leaves you open to vulnerability from a public network.

How To Give Social Media Page Access Safely


Social media management tools exist to let you handle a team. Team members get their access to the platform, and they can do their own tasks. Tools like Zoomsphere will let you authenticate the details of your team member accounts via their email or social accounts. 

social media management tool

This kind of tool can also access SSO, which can be a must-have for big organizations. Once they have logged into their laptops and desktops, they will be taken to the social media management tool directly. This way, employees cannot simply access the device without authorizing their profiles.

You can create permissions for your team members. This can be either contributor access or manager access, or something equivalent to these two. The contributor accesses can have limited power. They can post on your profiles, or create schedules for any profile that you allow them to access. The manager profiles have much more flexibility and can have all the permissions as you. They can post on your profiles, or create schedules like you.

social media page access

If several people are using your accounts, using a social media management tool is a safe and viable way of protecting sensitive information and the integrity of your online reputation.

Here are the tools you can access through social media management suites.

Social Media Scheduler 

social media scheduler

The Social Media Scheduler from Zoomsphere allows you to have better flexibility in handling your content strategy. All you need to do is add your team members to the tool, and they can schedule the content, without needing your social media credentials.

  • Social compatibility with Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Plan your posts, says, weeks, months away and see them in the same format, or as a list.
  • Post at several accounts at the same time.
  • Customize your thumbnails, create labels, and tags.
  • Create a workflow to handle team responsibilities.
  • See your posts in preview mode.
  • Count page mentions.
  • Dedicated mobile app for posting your stories on Instagram.
  • Customizes URLs, notification panel for alerts, publishes automatically.

Social Media Analytics 

social media analytics

Social media analytics tools collect data from social media sites. Its main job is to evaluate this data and understand how to make proper business decisions based on this. Get the emerging trends from tracking conversations happening in social media in real-time without sharing your passwords with anyone. 

The Zoomsphere Social Media Analytics tool covers many features.

  • Social Media Metrics: has over 150 metrics calculated from the top social media sites including – G+, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Data Customization: This tool can pull up historical data based on what criteria you need, and for what period. If you wish to see the performance of your brand over the last month, you can select the date filter and tweak it accordingly.
  • Interactive visuals: Lots of tables and graphs that intuitively represent the data.
  • Communication categorization: Mark your communications under different labels. 
  • Downloadable Reports: Export reports in whatever formats you require.

Social Media Community Management 

social media community management tool

Through community management, you can monitor and promote the brand to people who follow you on social media platforms. The main purpose of this is to ensure you have a group of dedicated followers or a community. Creating a community is a time-consuming task. It does not happen in a day. Zoomsphere can handle the following:

  • Collect all the mentions and discussions about your brand from various social media platforms.
  • CRM card allows you to manage customers.
  • Keep all your social media channels in one place.
  • Categorize your communications through custom tabs and labels.
  • Have better communication between your team members. Get work transferred and progressed without missing a step in the chain of approval.

Social Media Benchmarking 

social media benchmarking

Social media benchmarking is the process of measuring your performance against the performance of your rivals in the industry. With Zoomsphere, you get access to the following:

  • Real-time comparison: Measure your performance against your rivals in real-time.
  • A central place for data: Get all public data from a single place.
  • Business Intelligence: Generate insights based on various performance points, what your 
  • Data categorization: Label your data differently and tag them for easier understanding. Compare against multiple companies, and mark them separately with this feature.

Admin Options 

Social media management tools come at a price. If you are just starting and don’t have the funds, or don’t want to use them for some reason, you need to get familiarized with admin options in various social accounts

Whereas Facebook has an admin management system, other networking sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram don’t have role-based access. For someone to manage the later accounts, they will need the login credentials. This will however endanger your accounts in every way we have discussed up until now. 

In Facebook, you can create 5 different roles for content management – 

  • Analyst – This person can see the page insights and what content was posted by which author on your wall.
  • Moderator – This person has a lot of power, as they have access to the advertiser. This means they can make posts, edit and delete posts, and even decide what comments to review and what accounts to ban if needed.
  • Editor – Same as Moderator access, but also can modify the pages, add and delete posts, or the page.
  • Admin – Has complete access to all the settings of your account. This should be reserved for you or your partner.


Social media management tools have become an absolute necessity for many platforms, as you keep nurturing your online presence. A single misplaced tweet or a disgruntled employee with access to the wrong account can destroy your brand image in mere seconds.

It is the need of the hours for businesses that they should consider getting a complete suite of tools. The price will be worth the long run as you work on a scalable business model and bring in more people in the team in the future.

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