Talking about Facebook as a harmless platform designed only for sharing your thoughts and pictures would be hugely underestimated. All of us are up to some point acknowledge about its power and impact. And it goes not only for business but national elections as well.

Let’s have a look at the very recent presidential elections in Slovakia which might be the great example – pre-election campaigns moved from billboards and streets right into social media. And how the marketing efforts were successful or not was reflected in the results.

Social Media Elections

According to nongovernmental organization Transparency International Slovakia (TIS), Čaputová invested till the end of February almost 163 thousand euros into online propagation. That makes a double amount compared to the winner five years ago. Whilst her biggest opponent Maros Šefčovič paid “only” 80 thousand euro for his online campaign.

Whether it’s the money or not, Čaputová was more successful. Way much more! As we did our research and compared the communication of all Slovakian presidential candidates by using ZoomSphere comparison module, the results were pretty clear. Čaputová won in the “online world”, the question remained – will she succeed in the real world too? Well, you know the answer already.

Here you can see the uprising trend in fans growth in time January – 19th of March 2019.
Here is shown the discussion about specific Facebook Pages and Čaputová “is winning” again.
A month before elections the interactions grew.

New Place To Hold The Discussions

Thousands of years ago, the discussions and public affairs took place in ancient forums, later that moved in the newspaper columns, in the second half of last century Kennedy first won thanks to his appearance in TV, and nowadays the deciding medium is social media.

It is a challenge for marketers to break through the competition, which is higher than ever before. However, the right tools and knowledge help to get in the right way. Click To Tweet