Perhaps surprisingly, Instagram has confirmed that it is testing a missing messages option within its Direct tools. It is once again proved that social networks follow one another in their successful products. So far, we have seen that one successful Snapchat feature “Stories” has already appeared or been announced on almost all relevant social networks. Now it’s time for another very successful Snapchat feature – disappearing messages.

As per TechCrunch, this feature will let users get more comfortable with “having a fast-fire, silly, vulnerable or risque chat while driving up the reply notification that keeps people opening Instagram all day long.”

How Instagram Disappearing Messages Will Work

Users will need to enter this mode by swiping from an Instagram message. The message window will then open in dark mode, as an empty message thread. Once you finish chatting and continue to another part of the application, all messages will disappear. This option is absolutely reminiscent of Snapchat, where messages are deleted once everyone has viewed them and closed the chat.

The ephemeral messaging feature is not currently publicly available, but the company has confirmed that internal testing is ongoing: “We are always exploring new features to improve your messaging experience. This feature is still in early development and not testing externally.”

This is a new option that Instagram is testing, but the concept itself is not strange to Instagram. In 2018, they launched the feature of disappearing photos and video messages. Users were allowed to choose whether they could view the conversation once, allow it to be repeated multiple times over some time, or keep it in the chat permanently.

Facebook does not indicate a timeline or when this might officially launch. While some features never make it out of the prototype phase, but others, including many spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, have ended up being rolled out several months later.

There is no doubt that this option will be launched, bearing in mind the successful principle so far: take from the competition what proven works! Disappearing messages definitely works!