This plainness potentially have a one important disadvantage – your workspace is pre-modelled so there’s no room for flexibility and organising it how you would prefer or need. Do you often face that issue with other tools? This is exactly the place where comes the ZoomSphere and solving your problem.


Use cases

ZoomSphere approach the software adjustability in a complex way. Not only in a way how you can organize your Modules to streamline your data collection, but also giving you opportunity to create a separate workspaces if you need! Sounds like a rocket science? Take a closer look on the use cases to find out how simple and useful is this feature.

1. Agency having numerous clients

This is the way how to never mix activities of your clients. Separate the workspaces for each client and keep all the activities for you do for them in places created for a purpose. Increase the efficiency of services you provide to your customers and use the separate workspaces for them!

2. International company

Your company went big, getting new customers outside your home market and got ambitions to get even higher and bigger than now. It’s a perfect situation to use ZoomSphere workspaces! How? By creating a separate workspace for each country, you can streamline the management of your social media channels and keep every market under control of one, integrated tool.

3. Divide your daily marketer activities

We’re coming ahead of need to keep everything organized and more structured than our competitors. Each workspace can be like a binder – so you will never get lost. Separate your activities, whether is it monitoring, keyword research or publishing calendars and systematize the way you are conducting your daily activities of social media marketer.


Do it yourself!

As you can see, the ZoomSphere environment is extremely flexible, not only letting you to organize your work better than competitors who don’t use the tool yet, but also to look on the same data from many points of view. Let’s look deeper how to create and manage your workspaces.

1. Open menu in sidebar by clicking on a hamburger icon on the left top corner

2. Choose “Settings” option there

3. Navigate to the last tab “Advanced Settings”

4. Create a new workspace, name it and it is really that easy as it looks 😉

Whenever you finish this simple process, you can find your new Workspace in the main menu. Let’s switch on it and start to setup your new Workspace.

What you should know about Workspaces:

  • You can create as many workspaces as you want and there is no limit in a number of them
  • Each workspace has its own configuration for Labels and Tags you can use for incoming messages and admin posts classifications
  • If you share a module from specific workspace to any of your teammates, they will have access to this workspace automatically, but can see only that modules he/she have an access for

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