A few days ago we started publishing on our facebook page a list of enhancements you can look forward to in the new version of Zoomsphere. You can try this new version from Wednesday morning. That is why we bring a quick recap of what has changed.
First of all, the most visible change is rebranding. Zoomsphere has a new logo, a new mascot, and has also changed the whole visual style which is more modern and more friendly than it used to be in the past. We believe you will like it 🙂

Let’s move on. The change that will have a bigger impact on your daily routine is to simplify the main navigation. The pull-down menu on the left side was replaced with a fixed icon menu. We will save you one unnecessary click, so you will always have complete ZoomSphere functionality on your eyes.

A nice, simplified and more comfortable work awaits master accounts in Settings. You no longer have to modify each module’s definition to assign user access to individual modules. Newly you can quickly specify the modules to which user can access directly in the Settings.

In fact, the complete section of Settings has been redesigned. But there is also another one no less practical improvements in Settings that should be mentioned. Each page linked to the Zoomsphere has a relation to a specific user social media profile. Newly it will be possible to transfer these permissions to another user. This is useful feature when team changes occur.

Okay, let’s leave master accounts now and see the practical news for the team members. Finally! For this feature, you have been calling so many times 😱 Anyone who has forgotten his password has to contact our helpdesk. Our support has always helped you there, but in the new version you will finally have this option in your hands 🎉

The new feature that we have loved is a global searchbox that allows you to quickly jump to the selected module across the Zoomsphere. Just click the search icon or use the hotkey.

We also actively work on a fully responsive website so you can also use Zoomsphere on your cell phones and tablets. We’ve improved a lot there and further improvements will come.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/9H9BeZlMyUY” width=”740″]

But it has changed much more than it seems at first glance. Zoomsphere drives new technologies in a new architecture. New experienced developers have come to the development team. We are stronger than ever and you will be able to enjoy our innovations with full sighs this year.

We are currently working on a new version of the Publisher module. We promise you it will be the best publishing tool in the world and we are already looking forward to your first reactions.

This year will be one big ride! Wish us luck!