1. Choose how you view your data.

With one click you can now change the type of graph that displays your data. Simply click the icon in the top right of any graph and make your selection. Due to the nature of some data not all graphs will be able to be displayed in all formats.

2. Summary tables for all graphs.

Each graph now comes with its own summary table below to give you all the stats at a glance. We replaced the ‘legend’ button and now the information is quicker to analyse. This feature is available in all the Analytics (connected and external profiles) and Comparisons Modules.

ZoomSphere Summary Table
3. Turn objects in the graph on and off.

Clicking on a row in the summary table can now turn the data on or off in the graph above. Now you can more easily differentiate between several data points on the one graph with one click.

4. One click comparison for the previous time period.

Snip20150509_6Clicking this new icon in a summary table will turn on the current and previous data values for that row and turn off the other data in the graph. Click again and the graph is repopulated.

5. Send graphs to reports with one click!

Quickly add any graph directly to one of your templates in Report Builder, no need to stop working send it straight there and it is waiting for you.

6. More data available to Admin Posts in Analytics and Published Admin Posts in Comparisons Modules.

This upgrade offers significantly more data and customisation in both of these tables. Click Metrics to toggle values and results can be segmented by type also – test statuses, photos, videos and links.



7. New metric value for Facebook – “Top Referring External Domains”.

We’ve added a new metric to the Analytics Module that you’ll find under ‘Page Reach and Impressions’. ‘Top Referring External Domains Sending Traffic To Your Page” will reveal which domains are sending web traffic to your Facebook page. Now you can see where your visitors are coming from to optimise those channels.


8. New navigation menu for the Analytics Module.

A small change but it helps you work quicker – we changed the drop down menu to a row – now it’s one click not two to access your data.


9. Reorder the data in Summary Tables with one click.

Now you can reorder your data into ascending and descending order in particular Summary Tables. Page Posts/Admin Tweets in Analytics and Published Admin Post/Tweets in Comparisons can be reordered with one click.

10. More customisation for profiles in Modules.

Many of our customers have to manage one brand across multiple markets, this can get confusing especially when the profiles/pages/accounts are all named the same. We have now added the ability to rename any profile you connect. In the settings of a module type you will now see a gear icon in the top right of the profile icon. Clicking the gear will open another window for you to rename and change the colour used to present that profile’s data. This feature is available for both connected and external profiles.


We are passionate about you being able to customise ZoomSphere and hope you enjoy the new features. Our development team has worked hard and we look forward to your feedback!

P.S. Remember all the features of our social media tool and are included in your subscription. There’s no hidden charges ever!