Improved post editor


Let’s start with the biggest change within the post editor. The previous interface was replaced by real post preview different for each network. Thanks to that you can optimize your content exactly for concrete social media platform, edit and see the final post in one window.

💡Tip: Do you want to use the same post for different platforms or just do some small changes between them? Simply use the Copy from button underneath the post preview.


Different social media offers different ways to publicize your content and so can ZoomSphere newly too. Choose from exactly same formats like on social media, prepare for example post with carousel and check the layout of photos right away. Don’t you like the result? Never mind, just change the pictures or format without leaving the page.

💡Tip: Check the recommended size of pictures or video so you are sure of sharing the best quality posts.

How to create a new post in Publisher 2.0?

Welcome emojis 🤗💋🍀

As you could see in the video above, the emojis are here! A few weeks ago Facebook revealed statistics saying that more than 900 million emojis are sent every day, without text, just in Messenger. Choose in Publisher the same emojis like on social media and share them all.

Status changes

To make sure you know about any problem with your post, we added a new status called Error. Its role is to find and solve the problem and point it out via notifications. Let’s find an easy example. Once you set a date to a post and by the time it wasn’t published for example because of lost connection with selected profile, the whole window gets red and you immediately know there is something wrong.


Not new but improved status Approved now sends your ready Facebook post straight away to FB administration even before publishing. That means no more waiting for planning the promotion of posts and you can prepare everything in advance. How? 👇


Once you approve your post, you find in there unique post ID number. Copy that and paste to Ads Manager while you are preparing new ad on the already existing post. Thanks to the ID of that approved post, Facebook already knows what are you looking for.


Transparent workflow in Notification panel

To keep up with all the changes made in Publisher we added new Notification panel showing them chronologically one by one. New icon in the top right corner of monitor alerts to every change made by your team or client’s comments. After clicking on it, the panel unrolls and you can easily jump directly into the concrete post. 


Facebook links customization

Quality social media content very often depends on sharing your own blog posts or videos. Despite the fact that Facebook restricted editing most of the link previews, it is still possible to change links from your verified page domains. Choose a different title or first paragraph is now possible already when creating a new post.👇


ZoomSphere + Mobile = ❤️

We are mobile friendly, you are mobile friendly and even your grandma is probably mobile friendly. That’s no reason why it should be different with ZoomSphere. We are doing our best to enable you comfort work from any devices you choose. In new Publisher 2.0, we improved the responsive design so that you can edit post literally from anywhere and anytime.

💡Tip: Try our new layout of calendar – day, week, month or list. The day or week format suits those who publish the bigger amount of posts or work on mobile phone. Easier orientation guaranteed! 🔍


Publisher 2.0 in a nutshell

Real post preview with different social media formats


“Copy from” feature

Error post status

Approved Facebook status visible in administration

Notification panel

Week calendar

Responsive design

Customization Facebook link previews   

What do you think about the new Publisher 2.0? Let us know what is your opinion and follow our Facebook and Instagram for more useful tips for working with ZoomSphere!