The trend of Instagram is an uprising, and our attention is fully here! That’s exactly why we needed to give you a comfortable option to share the content right away from ZoomSphere. Viola, the Instagram mobile app is here, and you can start using it immediately.

Instagram is the third biggest social media platform so far, a few steps behind YouTube and its bigger brother Facebook. Specifically, it is more than 1 billion users with 500 million people using Instagram daily.

Let me mention some other interesting facts you maybe didn’t know #lovethenumbers.

  • Users like 4,2 billion posts per day
  • There are 500 million Stories shared daily
  • 72 % of people went and bought a product they saw here
  • 75 % take action and visit a website after seeing a brand’s post

Take The Control on Instagram With ZoomSphere

I tried to make my point by saying Instagram is a big deal nowadays, and having everything under control here is necessary. We made another significant step towards the perfect managing your work on Instagram.

Newly you can use our mobile app to direct publishing your post from ZoomSphere. Both the visual and copy is ready here for you to super-easily upload and share. Let me show you the process step by step.

ZoomSphere Instagram Publisher Instructions

Firstly, start with planning your Instagram post in ZoomSphere as you are used to. Add the visual, type in the copy, complete it, and assign to it Approved Status.

Note: Only posts with Approved Status or posts that were sent for immediate publication (action Publish Now) are visible in the mobile app.

Once your post is ready to see the world, new ZoomSphere mobile app will notify you right in time.

Note: The notification will show up right in time you plan your post to be published or right away if you decide to publish now.

Tap on it to open the app and see the post detail. From here the things are getting interesting and way much easier for you to publish what you prepared back in ZoomSphere.

Click on “Publish to Instagram”. The app will automatically jump there to add the chosen post. Decide whether you want to share it in Feed or to Story.

Go through the standard process of adjusting the photos, apply filter or edit picture.

After that, you easily tap in the space for text to display the “Paste” option. Here is the trick – ZoomSphere Instagram Publisher will automatically copy the text you prepared.

Note: Make sure you choose the right account to add the post. Thanks to recent changes on Instagram, you can also publish the same post to multiple accounts at the same time.

Let the magic happen, and here is your complete Instagram post without downloading any picture from an email, copying or rewriting the text. Easy peasy lemon squeezy💪🍋

Be Effective With ZoomSphere

Via the app, you can easily and direct publish image, multi-image or video, everything you wish! You can work with all posts you have access to – depending on your access to different workspaces or modules.

New automatization will make your marketer’s life way much easier. We promise! You can download the app in the App Store as well as in Google Play. Log in with the same email and password as into ZoomSphere, and start publishing.

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Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.

Bryan Weiner, CEO at Digital Agency 360i